Krekar can be extradited

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The Oslo County Court has ruled that Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar can be extradited to Italy, where he has been convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for being part of a terrorist organization. Krekar immediately appealed the court’s decision.

Brynjar Meling, defense attorney for Krekar, told TV2 that he was not surprised, “but that doesn’t mean the ruling is correct.” He vowed to continue using all legal means available to resist extradition, arguing that “Mullah Krekar has never led any terrorist organization, been involved with any terror group or had any ties to Italy.”

The Italian conviction has also been appealed, and Krekar can appeal the extradition ruling all the way to Norway’s Supreme Court. When a decision finally prevails, the justice ministry must also review the extradition before it’s officially granted by King Harald V.

Krekar, meanwhile, remains in police custody since he was arrested last summer shortly after the Italian conviction was official. staff