Thousands intend to remain in Britain

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Nearly 11,000 Norwegians have applied to remain in Great Britain after Brexit takes affect and Britain leaves the European Union (EU). They’re expected to be allowed to stay based on an agreement already worked out between Norway and the UK.

News bureau NTB reported that around 10,700 Norwegians had applied to remain as residents of the UK as of New Year, with around 1,000 applying in December alone. They’re taking advantage of the so-called EU Settlement Scheme, which allows citizens of the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) to continue to live in Great Britain after it leaves the EU via Brexit.

Around 2.75 million expatriates had applied to stay in total, with 2.45 million of the cases processed so far. NTB reported that 58 percent received permanent resident permission while 41 percent were granted temporary residence with an opportunity to seek permanent status at a later date. Norwegian authorities are allowing British expats to remain in Norway as well post-Brexit. staff