Norway ‘should take in more refugees’

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Former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik is openly critical that Norway’s Conservatives-led government hasn’t offered to take in more refugees from squalid camps in Greece. Now the government’s two smaller parties, both of which want to offer homes to minors without parents in the camps, have been invited to form a majority with opposition parties to make that happen.

Bondevik noted that 15 other European countries have already agreed to rescue the most vulnerable young asylum seekers from the camps, and he’s disappointed Norway isn’t among them. “Norway should be out in front on this,” Bondevik told newspaper Aftenposten this week.

His own small Christian Democrats party that’s part of the government coalition is keen to help and may break out to vote along with Labour, the Socialist Left and Center parties. The issue is due to come up for a vote in Parliament next week. staff