Two men killed in avalanche

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Another avalanche crashed down a mountainside in the popular skiing destination of Lyngen in Troms, Northern Norway, on Saturday. Two men from Tromsø got caught in it, and were declared dead at the scene.

The weather was clear and sunny, tempting skiers and trekkers out for what’s called a topptur in Norway: trudging up the mountainside to ski down it again. The snow and ice are notoriously unstable, however, and much of it gave way on Sofiatinden, the 1,222-meter-high mountain about 10 kilometers west of Lyngseidet.

Search and rescue crews reached the site quickly and were concerned others had been caught in the avalanche, too. They later determined that there were no additional victims.

The two men, both in their 20s, were the eighth and ninth avalanche victims in Norway this winter. staff