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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bear makes new appearances

A young bear that’s been roaming around southeastern Norway lately has made several more appearances, this time in the Hadeland area north of Oslo. He’s also now posing for photos and videos taken by motorists who’ve pulled over to avoid spooking or hitting him.

Local resident Dan Martinsen was on his way home from a football match Thursday evening when he spotted the bear roaming along state highway RV4 at Lygna, a popular area for skiing that’s been developed into a large hytte community. The bear is becoming known for opting to travel along roads, and Martinsen pulled over to watch him and take some video (external link to state broadcaster NRK’s website, in Norwegian).

“I think it was very exciting, and I figured it was the same bear that’s been showing up in the media,” Martinsen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), which was following up on local newspaper Oppland Arbeiderblad’s coverage of the bear’s escapades. Martinsen said the bear seemed curious about the attention he was receiving, also from other motorists who stopped along the two-lane highway.

At one point, Martinsen feared the bear would try to cross the highway, “and that’s when we decided to move on” because he and his son didn’t want to tempt trouble. The bear eventually turned left and headed north through the forest.

State wildlife officials are now tracking the bear and think he’s out on a migration of sorts. They’re collecting DNA from droppings the bear has left along the way and don’t think he poses a danger to people as long as he’s not agitated. staff




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