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16.4 C
Monday, July 22, 2024

Milder weather ahead, then a new freeze

State meteorologists were predicting a rise in temperatures around the Oslo area heading into the weekend, but warned they’d be followed by another cold period next week. Milder temperatures in Northern Norway have caused more problems, with avalanches isolating several towns and cities including Hammerfest.

Emergency preparedness took on new meaning Wednesday when the only road in and out of Hammerfest was blocked by mounds of snow from a sudden slide. Hammerfest is also home to one of the few hospitals in the region, posing challenges for those needing medical treatment.

The road reopened Wednesday afternoon, but not before plans were made to use a rescue helicopter based in Lakselv and ambulance boats in emergency situations. Ordinary airline travel was also disrupted by the weather, and the main E6 highway was closed over Kvænangsfjellet along with several other roads.

Milder weather in the Oslo area set off new warnings of poor air quality because of an inversion when still-cold air settles at lower elevations. Smoke from chimneys can get trapped under the warmer air and lead to air pollution.

More cold weather was forecast from north to south, with temperatures on Finnmarksvidda expected to be below minus-30C next week and between minus-10 and minus-20C along most of the Norwegian coast. staff




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