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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Tryvann Tower up for sale

Oslo’s city government has finally put the Norwegian capital’s iconic old television tower known as Tryvannstårnet (The Tryvann Tower) up for sale on the open market. It’s such an unusual property, perched on a hilltop above the city, that value estimates vary by nearly NOK 30 million.

Tryvannstårnet literally towers over Oslo from its perch in the hills above Oslo, not far from Holmenkollen and Frognerseteren. PHOTO: Wikipedia/Thomas Berglund

The tower was built in 1962, and intitally funded by the city, the military, the old state telephone operator and Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). It was hailed for being able to send broadcasting signals nationwide, no easy feat at the time in a long, narrow county full of mountains.

The tower also became a top tourist attraction, visible from all over the city much like its neighbouring Holmenkollen Ski Jump. It was open to the public and equipped with an elevator that took visitors up to an observation platform. On clear days the view extended all the way to the Swedish border.

The City of Oslo later emerged as sole owner but it closed to the public 20 years ago because it no longer met modern safety standards. After all broadcasting went digital in 2018, the tower’s senders and receivers were dismantled and it’s been shut down ever since. Earlier efforts to sell Tryvannstårnet (named after a nearby lake) stranded, but now some of those initially interested may still make a bid. It’s valued at somewhere between NOK 14 million and NOK 42 million, and also requires massive renovation along with safety improvements.

Real estate investor Christian Ringnes told newspaper Aftenposten that he remains interested in the tower, which he’d like to convert into a cafe and restaurant. The city wants to reopen it to the public, and seeks an owner who will “take it into the future in the manner it deserves.” staff




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