New book exposes media’s Nazi past

Norwegian historians and newspaper officials have downplayed the role of the Norwegian press in spreading anti-Semitism both before, during and after World War II, claims the author of a new book provocatively entitled Det Norske Jødehatet (The Norwegian Hatred of Jews). The current editor of Norway’s biggest newspaper, Aftenposten, agrees, and has responded with a […]

Heads shaking over new ‘Mein Kampf’

A Norwegian publishing firm is reportedly about to release the first new edition of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf in Norwegian since Nazi Germany occupied Norway in 1941. Historians don’t think it’s a good idea. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported this week that Christhard Hoffmann, a professor of history at the University of Bergen, was asked to […]

Holocaust Center wins more funding

At a time when many museums in Norway are struggling with budget cuts, the Holocaust Center in Oslo has been granted NOK 20 million. The funding is four times greater than the amount the center itself originally requested. Oslo’s Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities (Senter for studier av Holocaust og livssynsminoriteter, or HL–Senteret)  has been allocated […]

Police apologize for deportation

Norway’s new director of the state police has issued an official apology for his department’s involvement in the deportation of Jewish residents in 1942. The apology, called both historic and long overdue, was made 70 years to the day when Jews were rounded up and literally shipped off to concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Odd […]

Palace revokes medal to Linstad

Norway’s Royal Palace announced Thursday afternoon that it was revoking the king’s service medal that it had awarded to Trond Ali Linstad, a converted Norwegian Muslim who has helped further integration of immigrants in Oslo but also is widely viewed as being anti-Semitic. The palace said that Linstad’s own stated views could not be reconciled […]

Medal fiasco ‘hurts king’s authority’

UPDATED: King Harald’s approval of a royal service medal to a man who has expressed anti-democratic and, some say, anti-Semitic attitudes for years threatens the very authority of the monarchy, claim some royal experts. Blatant criticism of the king is rare in Norway, but he’s not immune from responsibility for the medal, and commentators seem […]

Palace caught in ‘scandal’ over medal

UPDATED: King Harald, his staff at the Royal Palace and county officials were hit by a wave of criticism this week over their decision to award a royal service medal to a Norwegian accused of anti-Semitism. Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang refused to hand over the medal to Trond Ali Linstad as planned, and the medal […]

OSCE scolds Norway for intolerance

The UN ad hoc organization OSCE, charged with trying to head off and resolve conflicts in Europe, has criticized Norwegian officials for failing to address alleged intolerance towards Muslims and Jews in Norway. News of the criticism came just as Norway planned to file a formal protest against Israel for arresting four Norwegians as they […]

New survey reveals anti-Semitic minority in Norway

Around 12.5 percent of Norwegians show signs of prejudice against Jews, according to a new survey conducted by the Holocaust Center in Oslo. Even though that’s a relatively low level of anti-Semitism compared to levels in other European countries, government officials received the report with concern and are studying measures to combat the issue, not […]

Jewish group wants police to record anti-Semitic incidents

The Norwegian Jewish group Det Mosaiske Trossamfund (DMT) has asked police in Oslo to start registering anti-Semitic incidents. Members claim they’ve been subjected to 11 incidents of harassment, vandalism and threats just in the past month. “If we don’t get an overview of these incidents, we’re in poor shape to combat the virus that anti-semitism […]