Skier Johaug won on running

UPDATED: Norway’s cross-country skiing champion Therese Johaug has now become a track star as well. She proved her strength and sheer stamina at the so-called “Impossible Games” at Bislett Stadium in Oslo Thursday evening, qualifying for the World Championships by running 10,000 meters in 31 minutes and 49.6 seconds. Several other Norwegian athletes set records […]

‘Tragic’ for the young Ingebrigtsen

“It’s completely tragic,” repeated the 19-year-old Jakob Ingebrigtsen again and again after he placed fourth in the men’s 1500-meter race at the World Championships in Qatar on Sunday night. While many his age would be thrilled to have even made it to the finals, Ingebrigtsen was anything but. “I am extremely disappointed,” he told Norwegian […]

Qatar’s empty seats disappoint Warholm

Norway’s track and field star Karsten Warholm both won and received his World Championship gold medal this week at a stadium in Qatar that he described as pretty much empty. It took the shine off a major athletic accomplishment, and it’s bothered many others as well. “There could have been more folks here in the […]

Golden end to a ‘Super Monday’

Maybe God really is from Sunnmøre, like its native Karsten Warholm claimed before following through on his plan to defend his World Championship in Doha. The rest of Norway’s “Super Monday” line-up didn’t do nearly as well, but Warholm preserved the country’s honour despite donning silly Viking horns once again. The good-humoured 23-year-old from Ulsteinvik […]

Warholm: ‘Just a hypocrite’ in Qatar

Norway has sent what one veteran athlete calls “perhaps its best teams ever” to the World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar. The athletes themselves, however, are well aware of the downside in Doha, where thousands of mostly migrant labourers have toiled on the sports facilities and hotels under extremely poor conditions and some haven’t even […]

Athletes rejected dirty hotel in Qatar

Norwegian athletes competing in the track and field World Championship in Doha, Qatar experienced a difficult arrival earlier this week and it wasn’t just because of the heat. When they got to their hotel rooms, they were met by the smell of raw sewage, mildew in the bathrooms “and terribly unhygienic” conditions,” according to the […]

Kjøll wins athletics’ leadership struggle

Years of criticism over male-dominated leaders who spent lots of money on themselves culminated Sunday in an uproar at Norway’s large and powerful national athletics federation. Delegates to its annual meeting narrowly elected Berit Kjøll as their new president, ousting both the incumbent and the man nominated by the organization’s own election committee. “I have […]

‘Medal magic’ for Team Ingebrigtsen

His girlfriend probably said it best, after 17-year-old Jakob Ingebrigtsen crossed the finish line first again Saturday night, this time followed by his older brother Henrik: “It was magic.” The two Norwegian brothers made history by winning both the gold and silver medals in the tough men’s 5,000 meter race at the European Championships in […]

Youngest Ingebrigtsen wins Euro gold

Jakob Ingebrigtsen, at an age of 17, ran away with the gold medal in the men’s 1,500-meter race at the European Championships Friday night, ahead of his older brothers Henrik and Filip. All three made history by qualifying for the final, and all were medal candidates, but Jakob stole the show. “This is just ridiculous […]

Karsten Warholm wins gold again

Norway’s “crazy” Viking athlete Karsten Warholm won another gold medal, this time at the European Championships in Berlin, when he crossed the finish line first in the men’s 400-meter hurdles race Thursday evening. After donning his customary Viking helmet, he was ready to sum up the race: “It was tough, it cost incredibly much, and […]