Beggars harassed the most in Oslo

They’ve been kicked, hit and even spat upon as they sit on street corners and outside stores hoping for a handout. Homeless Romanians in Norway who make up the vast majority of beggars in the country say they experience the worst treatment in the capital city of Oslo, according to a new study from research foundation […]

Nine arrested in alleged prostitution ring

Police in Bergen have arrested nine suspects in what’s described as a crackdown on a Romanian prostitution ring. The arrests came Monday after raids on two houses in Bergen and on Askøy. The police stated in a press release Monday afternoon that the arrests also involve charges of organized begging. As many of 40 people […]

Government drops anti-begging proposal

Norway’s conservative government coalition withdrew a proposal to not only ban begging nationwide but make aiding beggars a criminal offense well. The government needed support from the small Center Party, and as expected, the party wouldn’t offer it. The begging ban proposal attracted little support when it was sent to Parliament earlier this week. Neither of […]

Little support for new begging ban

Begging has already been banned in some Norwegian communities, and now a government proposal for a nationwide ban would also make it illegal to help beggars. The government’s own support parties are firmly opposed, however, making it unlikely the measure will clear parliament. Norwegian media gave broad coverage Tuesday morning to the government’s proposal that would criminalize both beggars and […]

Sp forms begging ban majority

The government secured crucial support from the Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) on Tuesday afternoon for its proposal to let municipalities impose their own begging bans this summer, and introduce a national prohibition from next year. They debated alternatives to begging for the poor, but the government’s usual support parties argued the ban was shameful and […]

Ban on begging draws new support

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen may have won enough support in Parliament for his minority government’s proposal to allow local governments around Norway to ban begging if they so choose. Anundsen’s Progress Party isn’t giving up its plan to slap a nationwide ban on begging at a later point. Anundsen thinks it should be up to […]

Begging bans could be in by summer

Controversial plans to give individual municipalities the power to ban begging could be underway by summer, if the government secures a majority vote in parliament. A new survey showed widespread public support for the bans, but others argued it was wrong to prohibit asking for help, and it could actually drive up crime. Last month […]

Racism charges triggered debate

A commentary in a Swedish newspaper  sparked widespread public discussion about “everyday racism” in Norway this past autumn.  But discrimination, in one of the world’s most egalitarian countries, has a long history and new immigrants have been speaking up about their own experiences. The racism debate took off after Swedish columnist Ehsan Fadakar accused Norwegians, in a […]

Police dismantled Roma camp

Oslo police and the state agency in charge of enforcing court orders (Namsfogden) helped state property owner Statsbygg dismantle a disputed Roma camp this week at the popular public recreational area at Sognsvann. An appeals court had ordered its removal, agreeing with Statsbygg that it’s illegal to camp in such areas for more than two […]

Man charged with firing rocket into Roma camp

Police in the coastal city of Tønsberg have charged a 27-year-old man with illegal use of fireworks and frightening behaviour after he ignited a rocket and aimed it at a camp where several Roma families were sleeping last week. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that police first noticed the fireworks in the camp area and later stopped […]