Stolen bikes found in Roma camp

Police and city employees found 36 stolen bicycles when they were called in to clear out another illegal camp of Roma folk in the hills above Oslo this week. Around 40 persons were requested to leave the forested area at Sognsvann when the eviction began. Mattresses and other equipment were removed while litter and other […]

Norwegians giving less to beggars

Beggars in Norway claim they haven’t been getting as much in their cups lately as they did last year. That’s leading to more aggressive tactics by some, while others are giving up and going home, many back to Romania. A beggar named Claudia from Romania told Oslo newspaper Aftenposten last week that she only had […]

Begging spreads beyond the cities

Oslo braced for a wave of beggars expected to arrive from eastern Europe, but fewer have actually been seen in Norway’s capital so far this summer. Instead, beggars are turning up in much smaller towns around the country as their presence and panhandling spreads nationwide. Police are unable to offer any exact numbers of beggars, […]

Parliament refused to ban begging

A majority in the Norwegian Parliament have voted to restrict but not ban begging, leaving local governments and the police to decide how to deal with a new wave of migrant poor expected to arrive in Oslo this summer. Police in Oslo, meanwhile, have cracked down on an illegal camp in the forest at Sognsvann. […]

Diplomat caught in Roma debate

“I’m cautious,” says Romania’s ambassador to Norway, Daniel Ionita, before agreeing to share his thoughts on the presence of thousands of beggars in Norwegian cities and towns. Many are from his country, and they’ve created one of the most troublesome issues now facing Norwegian officials at both the state and local levels. Ionita readily admits […]

Begging on streets OK, not sleeping

Police were voicing approval on Thursday after city politicians in Oslo, quarreling over how to deal with thousands of migrant poor on the streets of the capital, banned all outdoor sleeping on public property in populated areas. Begging continues to be unrestricted, at least for now. The politicians had seemed poised to restrict begging as […]

Cities reject state government’s plan to help and control beggars

City governments in Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø and Bodø are among those turning down new funding offered by the left-center state government to both accommodate and control Norway’s growing problems posed by migrant beggars. The cities claim the state’s plan is unworkable and won’t help. Justice Minister Grete Faremo of the Labour Party finally unveiled how […]

Majority backs a ban on begging

Six out of 10 Norwegians now want a nationwide ban on begging, according to the results of a new public opinion poll. The poll indicates that a clear majority of Norwegians think a ban on begging will discourage migrant poor from coming to Norway to beg, but the country’s left-center government won’t impose one. The […]

Beggar debate heats up

Police in Norway are bracing for another influx of beggars expected to arrive in Norway this summer from various countries around Europe. A state government proposal to require them to register with police has met mixed reaction and already been vetoed by city officials in Oslo. State prosecutors, Oslo police and several opposition politicians in […]

New begging restrictions loom

State officials from various political parties are once again mounting efforts to limit begging on the streets of Oslo and elsewhere in Norway. While proposals range from an outright ban to time restrictions, many of the Roma people who now do the most begging in Oslo went along with orders to break up their latest […]