Fatal grounding sparks criticism

Norwegian maritime authorities were the target of criticism over the weekend after a private boat grounded on the remains of an old sea beacon off the coast of Sunnmøre Friday night. Three people on the boat were killed in the grounding, and two others injured. Their boat, a 23-foot pleasure craft, collided with the concrete […]

Bigger boats reflect growing wealth

PICTURE SERIES: The end of summer in Norway also heralds the end of the season for the country’s large fleet of leisure boats. Some  boat owners complain that they don’t have time to enjoy their ever-costlier floating luxury as much as they would have liked, but on pleasant evenings this summer, the fjord was nevertheless […]

Boat sales cut in half

It’s high season for boating in Norway, but vendors report that boat sales have declined by 50 percent since 2007, just before the global finance crisis hit. One dealer said that the market for both new and used boats in Norway has ground to a halt. “We expect to sell around 7,000 to 8,000 boats […]

Boat tourists win major victory

The European Boating Association (EBA) and foreign boat tourists keen on making extended trips along the Norwegian coast have won a major victory over the government and local tax authorities. Foreign-owned boats will now be able to stay in Norwegian waters longer than just six weeks, and the boats can be laid up in Norway […]

Debate flies over stricter boating laws

Debate continued Thursday over whether state authorities should impose stricter rules on boating, following the deaths and disappearance of six persons in three separate accidents this week. Efforts to find the missing victim of the latest boat accident, a wealthy grocery store retailer, remained unsuccessful Thursday morning. Police identified the missing man as Per-Erik Burud, […]

Boat fatalities tied to recklessness

Two more persons were killed and one was missing and feared dead after another speedboating accident during the night off Norway’s coast near Tjøme. The fatalities come just a day after two young men were also killed while speedboating off nearby Nøtterøy, and now calls are going out for a crackdown on recklessness. Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Leisure boat registry may return

Close to 400,000 boats are docked along the Norwegian coast. Now police, customs officials, insurance companies and Norwegian Sea Rescue (NSR) are lobbying to reintroduce a leisure boat registry that will give boat owners added security. The Bondevik goverment opted to dissolve the previous registry (Småbåtregisteret) in 2003, at which time NSR established a voluntary registry […]

Police reduce coastal patrol

During the upcoming summer season, only two police boats will regularly patrol the 1500 km coastal stretch between Risør and Egersund on the southern tip of Norway. “It is disturbing that activity decreases when we have a higher volume of traffic and speedboats,” Petter Nipestad of Norwegian Sea Rescue in Agder told newspaper Aftenposten. Last […]

Boat tourists protest local taxes

Foreign boat owners who sail into Norwegian harbours are unhappy about special Norwegian taxes and regulations that greatly restrict how much time they can spend in Norway. They’re lobbying for a change in the law, so they can extend their visits beyond just six weeks. The Royal Norwegian Boating Federation (Kongelig Norsk Båtforbund, KNBF) reports […]

Police: ‘No more beers on the fjord’

Norwegian police are cracking down on pleasure boat skippers who join their passengers in enjoying a beer or a glass of wine on the water. If they’re caught with blood alcohol levels above the legal limit, they’ll lose their boating license for up to two years. Norway has long upheld strict regulations against drinking and […]