Finance minister rides out the storm

Siv Jensen has just broken Norway’s record for being the longest-serving finance minister since World War II. That’s in sharp contrast to the high turnover of other government ministers from the often-stormy Progress Party she leads, but now she’s aiming for stability and calling for more discipline both within party ranks and the next state […]

Solberg warns of tighter budgets

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was meeting with her ministers behind closed doors on Wednesday and Thursday, to put the final touches on their state budget for next year. Each minister will have less oil money to work with next year, since the days of expansive budgets are over. Solberg claimed this week that when the […]

Paying the price for state budget drama

NEWS ANALYSIS: Criticism flew, the main players including Finance Minister Siv Jensen fought off exhaustion, the government coalition was arguably weakened and lots of Norway’s oil money was ultimately approved to finance it all. Norway’s state budget for next year finally cleared Parliament on Monday, but the price was high for all involved. Finance Minister Siv Jensen, wearing […]

Solberg survives budget crisis

Prime Minister Erna Solberg could finally wrap a few holiday gifts this weekend after winning a green-light, quite literally, for her minority government’s highly contested state budget proposal for next year. All four party leaders involved announced their budget breakthrough Saturday evening, based on nearly NOK 3 billion worth of extra climate measures. Solberg thanked all those “who […]

Norway’s new reality sets in

NEWS ANALYSIS: As government leaders scurried from one state budget crisis meeting to another heading into the weekend, Norway’s oil- and oil-related companies have been dealing with crises that are much more direct, and painful. One of Norway’s top political commentators helped put things in perspective just ahead of the government’s D-Day over the budget on […]

Crisis meeting ended in failure

Yet another crisis meeting at the home of Prime Minister Erna Solberg has failed to end her minority government’s budget stalemate with its two support parties. They still won’t support the budget, meaning Solberg still faces the prospect that her minority government coalition can collapse less than a year before the next national election. Leaders of the two […]

Solberg struggles to save her government

Hard-pressed Prime Minister Erna Solberg admitted on Wednesday that she was disappointed and thinks it’s “unfortunate” that her government’s two support parties have withdrawn from negotiations over the state budget. She’s not giving up efforts to keep her coalition together, though. Solberg told reporters at a press conference held just after the Christian Democrats announced […]

Government loses its last supporter

Norway’s minority government lost the last of its two support parties on Wednesday, when the Christian Democrats followed the Liberals’ lead and pulled out of negotiations over the state budget for next year. Christian Democrats leader Knut Arild Hareide blamed the government’s ultimatum over limited fuel tax hikes, which he claimed would leave car owners winning at the expense […]

Government’s fate rests with Hareide

Knut Arild Hareide, leader of the small Christian Democrats party, found himself holding an enormous amount of power over the fate of Norway’s minority government coalition Wednesday morning. He retreated into a meeting with his party faithful, to decide whether they’ll support the government’s proposed state budget and thus prevent the government from falling. “This is a […]

Liberals break out of budget talks

Norway’s state budget crisis deepened Tuesday afternoon, when one of the minority government’s two support parties broke off any further budget negotiations. The Liberals won’t support the budget as it now stands, blaming the government’s ultimatum against raising fuel taxes. The Liberals’ leader, Trine Skei Grande, had been complaining for months that the government’s state budget […]