High court hears Arctic oil appeal

A lengthy legal battle over whether Norway can continue to license oil operations in the Arctic reached the country’s highest court on Wednesday. If the court agrees that Norway has violated its own constitution by issuing licenses for oil industry activity in sensitive Arctic areas, all new oil exploration and production in the Barents Sea […]

Norway drops court treaty with Poland

UPDATED: Norway is pulling out of talks with Poland about closer cooperation between courts in the two countries. After nearly three years of negotiations, Norway’s court administration (Domstolsadministrasjonen) has concluded that Poland’s current leaders simply want to turn its courts into a political tool. “We can’t partner with a justice ministry that is actively undermining […]

DNB ordered to refund high fees

UPDATED: Norway’s Supreme Court issued a crushing defeat to the country’s biggest bank on Friday, ordering DNB to refund around NOK 350 million to 180,000 customers. The court agreed with DNB’s unhappy customers that they’d paid management fees on investment funds that were much too high. “I’m damn glad and damn fed up with DNB,” […]

High court cracks down on hatred

Norway’s Supreme Court has convicted two Norwegians for publishing online expressions of what the court ruled was hatred towards another person. The landmark case sets new legal precedent regarding what kinds of comments can fall under Norwegian law aimed at fending off racism. Newspaper Aftenposten has reported that the ruling also sets new limits over […]

Krekar fights extradition

After nearly 30 years of lashing out at Norwegian society and espousing conservative Islam, Norway’s most unwelcome refugee keeps fighting to remain in Norway. Mulla Krekar was back in court this week, as he keeps resisting extradition to Italy where he’s been convicted and sentenced to 12 years in jail for planning terrorist acts. Now […]

Trump ‘astonishes’ prime minister

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has joined fellow European leaders in expressing astonishment that US President Donald Trump would cross the line between the executive and judicial branches of government. She was reacting to Trump’s criticism that Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven refused to intervene in the arrest in Stockholm of an American rapper charged with […]

New DNB boss defends court appeal

Kjerstin Braathen, the new chief executive of Norway’s biggest bank DNB, has spoken warmly of how important customers are. She’s prepared, however, to meet representatives for thousands of them in court after the bank decided to appeal its loss in the country’s biggest class-action suit ever. “It’s never nice to meet our customers in court,” […]

Customers win their claim against DNB

It’s been the biggest class action lawsuit ever filed in Norway, and it was against Norway’s biggest bank, DNB. Now around 180,000 DNB customers have won their claim that the bank charged fees that were far too high, and their victory was being hailed Thursday as a victory for all consumers in Norway and even […]

High court upholds Islamist’s jail term

Norway’s highest court (Høyesterett) has sentenced Islamic extremist Ubaydullah Hussain to nine years in prison for taking part in the brutal terrorist organization IS. That upholds both an appeals- and city court’s sentence and formally puts his conviction into force. “This marks the final outcome of the case,” Hussain’s lead defense attorney, John Christian Elden, […]

‘Hash baron’ appeals his prison term

Gjermund Cappelen, Norway’s so-called former “hash baron” who was sentenced to prison last week along with a former Oslo police officer, has decided to appeal his 15-year prison term. His defense attorney claims they both feel the sentence is too long and too strict. Cappelen was sentenced along with the former “top cop” Eirik Jensen, […]