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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tag: currency

Crime unit probes cash redemption

Various denominations of Norwegian currency printed as far back as 1979 will be rendered worthless as of November 1. Norway's economic crimes unit Økokrim...

Strong krone threatens hotels

Economic problems abroad combined with Norway's strong currency, the krone, have left Norwegian hotel owners in outlying areas fearing that fewer tourists will be...

Sami call for ‘sami-krone’

The language of Norway's indigenous Sami people is an official language in the country, along with the bokmål and nynorsk forms of Norwegian, so...

Krone stronger as budget takes hold

Even though it settled down a bit on Friday, Norway's currency ended the week even stronger than it began, not least because of the...

Smallest coin may disappear

Norway's smallest coin, worth a half-krone or about eight US cents, may be withdrawn from the market because the central bank is literally losing...

1,000-kroner notes may disappear

The largest denomination of Norwegian currency, the 1,000-kroner notes known as tusenlappen, may soon be phased out as part of an effort to tackle...



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