Government scolds Telenor’s CEO

“I had expected more of Telenor,” exclaimed Linda Hofstad Helleland after the state-controlled company failed to retain its most senior female executive who has consistently delivered strong financial results. Helleland is Norway’s government minister in charge of equality matters, and she’s upset over the fate of Telenor’s Berit Svendsen. “This can’t continue,” Helleland told Norwegian […]

Educated immigrants dumb down CVs

Many immigrants remove masters degrees and other accomplishments from their resumes in order to find work in Norway, according to workplace diversity groups. Foreigners said they are often overlooked for jobs in their field of education, but are then deemed overqualified when seeking unskilled work. Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå, SSB) research showed many educated immigrants […]

More firms recognize global talent

Although it is still mostly the international firms in Norway that hire  international employees, more Norwegian companies in the country are now realizing the advantages of a diverse and multicultural workforce. Labour experts and job seekers alike hope it will continue in the New Year. “More people see the possibilities that lie in multiculturalism now than a few years back. […]