Wildflowers radiant after the drought

PHOTO FEATURE: Norway’s fields of of wildflowers known as blomsterenga have been blossoming even more beautifully than usual this summer. Experts cite last year’s drought, which “stressed” both plants and trees and made them try to spread more seeds before dying. This bounty of rødkløver (red clover) is typical of the wildflowers blossoming all over the […]

Farmers secure more taxpayer aid

Norway’s two major farmers’ organizations have accepted a so-called “crisis package” for those hit hard by the summer drought that dried up fields and depleted cattle feed supplies. The government agreed to fork over NOK 525 million (USD 63 million) in addition to the more than NOK 1 billion in compensation that already could be […]

Rain eases ban on outdoor grilling

Enough rain has fallen in the past week that the state meteorological institute has dropped its overall warning of high forest fire danger. Most extraordinary local bans on campfires and outdoor grilling, however, remain in place. While some areas along the West Coast have dropped the grilling bans, too, emergency authorities in Oslo and Østfold […]

Government rejects more farm crisis aid

Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale has turned down farmers’ demands for more crisis aid after this summer’s drought, at least for now. The farmers aren’t the only ones hollering for help either, with horse stables and golf courses facing destruction and financial losses, too. Dale and Prime Minister Erna Solberg responded once again to the […]

Farmers appeal to Solberg for help

Apparently not satisfied with the public assistance already offered by Norway’s agriculture minister, the country’s two largest farming organizations have now “invited” Prime Minister Erna Solberg to visit farms stricken by the recent drought. They want her to see their “crisis” first-hand herself. “Many of our members are now in despair,” said Lars Petter Bartnes, […]

Warmest July ever in Norway

It’s official and hardly comes as a surprise: July 2018 was the warmest on record. The year so far also boasts the highest number of so-called tropenetter, with 40 nights when the temperature did not fall below 20C (69F) in certain areas. That compares to only one in the first seven months of last year. […]

Some rain helped, ‘but we need more’

Firefighters welcomed the rain that fell over large parts of Southern Norway during the weekend, but it wasn’t nearly enough to significantly reduce the danger of forest fires or ease Norway’s drought. Now concerns are rising over low and sinking water levels in local lakes and rivers. “We fortunately got a bit of rain, but […]

Record heat fires up climate debate

As Norway braced for another day of record-breaking heat on Friday, new debate was sizzling over whether this summer’s hot and dry weather offers more evidence of climate change. Temperatures in some areas of Norway were expected to soar to as high as 35C (around 95F) heading into the weekend. State meteorologists posted their map […]

Campers blamed for new forest fire

Firefighters think careless campers started a fire that continued to rage out of control at Birkenes, just north of Kristiansand in Southern Norway on Friday. The firefighters were working day and night to gain control over the flames, and expected to spend most of the weekend trying to fully extinguish them. “There’s a lot that […]

Rain falls on the West Coast

That normally wouldn’t prompt headlines in Norway, but it was grabbing them on national websites Tuesday morning, and even with exclamation marks. It’s not a normal summer, but residents of Vestlandet were rejoicing. State broadcaster NRK was among those reporting that some “substantial” amounts of rain would be falling along the coast south of the […]