Party leaders come under attack

Ola Borten Moe, Norway’s former Oil & Energy Minister, was sporting a black eye this week but claims it has nothing to do with the latest nasty leadership debate raging within his small but feisty Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp). Moe also claims there’s no power struggle within the party leadership, and that he has no […]

New state budget full of changes

Finance Minister Siv Jensen presented the new conservative government’s first state budget on the floor of the Norwegian Parliament on Friday, with proposals that include elimination of inheritance taxes, reductions in fortune taxes and a slight reduction in income taxes. The proposed tax relief will largely be funded through use of more oil revenues, while […]

Ministers adapt to life in a fish bowl

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s new government ministers were probably glad when the weekend rolled around, even though that doesn’t mean they necessarily get any time off. Several of them had already been subjected to scathing criticism from political opponents and in the media, after already submitting themselves to a tough screening process by Prime Minister Erna […]

Here’s Norway’s new government

Erna Solberg, head of Norway’s Conservative Party, could finally claim the title of the country’s prime minister on Wednesday. After the obligatory and formal transfer of power at the Royal Palace, Solberg introduced her new, slightly smaller cabinet of 17 ministers from the Conservatives and the Progress Party. Media speculation had been running high for […]

Some surprises in new government

Many of the new government ministers announced on Wednesday had been tipped in the media for weeks if not months, but there were nonetheless a few surprises, also among the state secretaries who rank just under the ministers in the world of political appointments. Paul Chaffey, for example, was named as a state secretary in […]

Thanks Jens for his ‘historic’ work

Norway’s new prime minister thanked her predecessor Jens Stoltenberg for his work over the past eight years, claiming that he will rank as “a great prime minister in the history books.” He told Erna Solberg that she was taking over “the most meaningful job” in the country. The two top politicians were full of praise […]

‘Cautious’ budget ‘for folks’ lives’

Finance Minister Sigbjørn Johnsen of Norway’s outgoing left-center government coalition presented his last state budget on Monday, and it wasn’t nearly as tight as some had predicted. Even though it taps into much less oil money than it could, it also boosts spending in many areas that may present dilemmas for the new Conservative coalition […]

Stoltenberg era ends, for now

Outgoing Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg spent much of the weekend in a whirl of farewell events, and he’s been packing his way out of his office, too. After eight years as one of the most well-liked premiers in Norwegian history, he was due to resign on Monday after his Labour Party won the most voters […]

Nobel committee due for changes

Thorbjørn Jagland, a former Norwegian prime minister who currently heads the Council of Europe, wants to hang on to his post as chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. His term expires next year, though, and the results of last month’s parliamentary elections mean some committee members may need to bow out.  According to the terms […]

Tradition reigns and duty calls

Wednesday’s ceremonial opening of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) was full of traditions built up over the past 158 sessions. Royal pomp, fancy dress and uniforms, song and speeches were the order of the day. Royal guards lined Oslo’s main parade boulevard, Karl Johans gate, which was closed to normal traffic all the way from the […]