Norwegians angered by Saudis’ UN post

UPDATED: Several members of the Norwegian Parliament are among those angered by a secret UN vote last week that gave Saudi Arabia, where women aren’t even allowed to drive cars, a seat on a UN commission meant to promote women’s rights. They want to know how Norway voted on the issue, but Foreign Minister Børge Brende has […]

‘Look to Iceland’ to achieve equal pay

As Norway’s royals and top government officials hosted the first state visit from the President of Iceland in 20 years this week, equality experts were urging them to follow Iceland’s lead in mandating equal pay under the law. “It’s a joy that Iceland is taking creative new steps in the work to abolish unfair pay differences between women and […]

State also guilty of gender pay gaps

Wide pay gaps have been found between male and female CEOs at Norway’s wholly state-owned companies in charge of everything from the railroad to airports and hospitals. Women leaders often earn less than their male colleagues, and the salary and benefits gap is raising questions in a country otherwise known for promoting egalitarian policies. The gap became […]

DNB aims to narrow women’s pay gap

DNB, Norway’s biggest bank, has set aside NOK 17 million to boost the salaries of female employees who are earning less than male colleagues in similar positions. The goal is to eventually eliminate “unreasonable” differences in pay between men and women. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Monday that DNB wants to narrow the pay gap that […]

Minister was target of a cake attack

UPDATED: A young British woman who attacked a Norwegian government minister with a cake during Saturday’s Pride Parade in Oslo was ordered jailed for four weeks on Monday. Norway’s police intelligence unit PST has asked that she be held in custody even though Minister Solveig Horne, in charge of policy involving children and equality, was not injured. Norwegian […]

‘Newcomers’ assess equality in Norway

As Norwegians celebrated International Women’s Day on Tuesday,  six immigrant women from Montana in the US to Italy and India have shared their thoughts about Norway’s ongoing equality debate. The women who’ve resettled in Norway mostly hailed the country’s progressiveness, with a few reservations. An estimated 3,000 people turned out once again in Oslo on March 8, called Kvinnedagen […]

Military won’t alter naked bathing rules

An officer in the Norwegian army who ordered soldiers including two women to bathe naked in a cold moutain lake ended up avoiding any reprimand, and now the military won’t change its rules for hygiene and life in the field either. It all raises issues of gender equality, and what exceptions should be made, just as more […]

Telenor accused of ‘macho culture’

Troubled, state-controlled Telenor has been subject to even more static in Norway after reports that the company has been run for many years under a male-dominated power structure that excluded women. Former CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas failed to address concerns over the alleged “macho culture,” and a Member of Parliament claimed that the company, also caught in a major […]

Telenor’s board still lacks a leader

Several women including Elisabeth Grieg remain the top candidates to take over as chairman of Norway’s troubled telecoms firm Telenor. Speculation has been growing over whether more Telenor board members will be replaced, and whether the board would dare to appoint another man. Grieg was one of the biggest critics when former Telenor Chairman Svein Aaser announced last spring […]

Men from Poland ‘change’ while living in Norway

A new lifestyle study of men and women from Poland who have moved to Norway to work suggests that Polish men help more often with chores around the house in Norway than they did in Poland. Polish women, meanwhile, claimed they felt less feminine in Norway because of different dress codes and customs. The study was […]