Hatred, bullying soiled campaign

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg, her main Labour Party challenger Jonas Gahr Støre, other candidates and especially volunteer campaign workers were all subjected to ridicule, harassment and even hatred during this year’s parliamentary election campaign. Solberg and Støre chose to ignore much of it as the campaign wrapped up during the weekend. “Within just […]

PST sees a rise in far-right threats

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST is reporting a rise in reports of far-right radicalization among young Norwegian men and even teenagers. The heightened concern comes just as a memorial was held this week, 10 years after right-wing terror in Norway and two years after another young white Norwegian man killed his Chinese-born step-sister and then […]

Police bust alleged right-wing radicals

Police have seized dozens of weapons and arrested three men from various places around Norway in a case tied to a right-wing radical milieu. Police intelligence agency PST confirmed it was following the case closely but wouldn’t comment further. The arrests come just as Norway is marking the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack in […]

Anguish spills over the July 22 attacks

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s been 10 years since a right-wing terrorist massacred Labour Party youth at their summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utøya, after first bombing the headquarters of Norway’s Labour-led government at the time. Preparations for July 22 memorials on Thursday have set off a new wave of anguish, as many survivors and victims’ families […]

Anti-Islamic demonstrations costly

Police were out in full force last weekend in connection with another demonstration by the anti-Islamic group SIAN (Stopp islamiseringen av Norge). Police couldn’t say how much their mobilization cost the public, but in Denmark police reported have spent more than NOK 50 million having to protect such ultra-nationalists so far this year. Newspaper Aftenposten reported […]

Trump fans in Norway retreat

NEWS ANALYSIS: There’s a lot of soul-searching going on among Norway’s most conservative politicians, especially by the Norwegian who twice nominated the now-shamed US President Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. More liberal politicians in power have also been targeted for having kept quiet too long about the leader of the country widely regarded […]

Racist attacks draw toughest jail term

UPDATED: A court in suburban Oslo handed down Norway’s strictest punishment on Thursday to a young Norwegian man who murdered his Chinese-born adopted sister last summer and then tried to massacre Muslims at a local mosque. He defended himself by claiming that he had to carry out his deadly attacks in order to save the white […]

Hate crimes double against Muslims

A young white supremacist’s attack on a mosque in Bærum last year came amidst an alarming rise in the number of hate crimes against Muslims in recent years. As the mosque assailant’s trial started on Thursday, newspaper Aftenposten wrote how attacks on Muslims in Noway have doubled since 2016, and that only covers attacks reported […]

PST probed after right-wing attack

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST, officially charged with evaluating and handling the most serious threats against national security, is now under investigation itself. At issue is how PST handled and failed to ward off last year’s deadly attack by another young Norwegian right-wing extremist. A key area under probe is how PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) responded […]

PST raises threat of right-wing terror

Norway’s domestic police intelligence unit PST issued a new terror warning on Thursday that raises the threat of attacks carried out by right-wing extremists. The threat level in Norway, PST believes, is now “clearly worrisome.” Norway already has been the site of one of the worst right-wing extremist attacks in the world, when a young […]