Stalled UK trade deal stirs concern

Norway’s and the UK’s failure to strike a new post-Brexit free trade agreement by January 1 is unleashing new concerns, even with an interim transition deal in place. It also points up conflicts, within Norway’s own negotiating team, that once again have pitted Norway’s powerful farming lobby against its important fishing industry. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Greens keen to reform chicken industry

Norway’s climate-friendly Greens Party wants to curb industrial production of chicken. Its youth group won broad approval at the party’s recent annual meeting for “drastic” reforms. Norway didn’t have much of a chicken industry until the mid-1990s, when it finally became possible to buy chicken breasts in grocery stores. Before that, only fresh whole chickens […]

Torched cow carcasses left to rot

The Juliussen family lost 47 dairy cows when the barn the cows were trapped inside burned down on their farm in Austertana, Finnmark. Two weeks later, the carcasses were still rotting in the sun while the family awaited a police investigation into the fire. “It is creating a certain smell and an uncomfortable atmosphere between […]

Health campaign may hurt farmers

Philanthropist and doctor Gunhild Stordalen has teamed up with incoming Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet, Ap) leader Jonas Gahr Støre and Rema 1000 supermarket boss Ole Robert Reitan as part of a global initiative to combat lifestyle diseases and food production that is damaging to the environment. One of Stordalen’s key messages is to eat less meat, […]

Farmers settle for a 10.5% raise

The two major lobbying groups representing Norwegian farmers have agreed to accept a new state-subsidized compensation package that’s expected to yield average pay hikes for farmers of 10.5 percent through direct subsidy and protectionism. The farmers had demanded more than twice that, so said they were only somewhat satisfied. The raise amounts to around NOK […]

Farmers demand huge pay hike

Norway’s powerful farmers’ organizations handed over a demand on Friday for nearly NOK 2 billion in increased income this year, mostly in the form of higher prices for meat and more direct support in the state budget. The demand amounts to around NOK 47,000 (USD 8,000) per farmer, much higher than annual pay raises for […]

Angry farmers demand more money

Norwegian farmers, determined to not only preserve their state support but win much more, launched a series of protest actions over the weekend. They claim they need at least three times what the government is offering. The two main national organizations representing the farmers – Norges Bondelag and Norsk Bonde- og Småbrukarlag – were so […]

Farmers want 20 percent pay hike

The powerful organizations representing Norwegian farmers (bondelagene) have delivered a written demand for NOK 2.2 billion (around USD 386 million) worth of subsidies and other forms of economic support. State officials claimed the demand amounts to a pay hike of 20 percent. Leif Forsell of the state agricultural ministry, who’ll be leading the annual spring subsidy […]

Calls to regulate fertilizer after bomb

Calls for stronger regulation of the sale of ammonium nitrate fertilizers have been made following the suspected use of the materials in the bombing of Oslo on Friday July 22  – with experts suggesting that new EU regulations set to be introduced in Norway are not enough. The alleged perpetrator of the bombings and the […]

Farmers want 18 percent subsidy rise

Norwegian farmers’ organizations are demanding a NOK 45,000 (over USD 8,500) increase in income for the average farmer from the state next year, an 18 percent rise, as part of annual income negotiations with the government. The total cost to the government to meet the farmers’ demands would be NOK 2.6 billion (nearly USD 500 […]