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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Tag: fishing

King Harald goes fishing

After a busy week full of royal duties and birthday celebrations, Norway's monarch spent the weekend doing what many men his age get to...

‘Fantastic’ wild salmon fishing season begins

Norway's wild salmon fishing season was starting June 1st, and researchers were predicting some wonderful weeks ahead for avid sportsfishermen who enjoy spending hours...

Cod fishing better than ever

Fishing fleets off Northern Norway are suddenly hauling in enormous amounts of torsk (cod), not least around Senja. They say the fishing has been...

Svalbard sovereignty not under threat

The response was loud and clear after a major Norwegian newspaper reported earlier this week that a new report from the European Union (EU)...

Wild salmon lures huge payment

A British fishing enthusiast was willing to pay NOK 170,000 (around USD 31,000) for the right to go flyfishing for wild salmon at Brattstrømmen...

Price of salmon sinks to bottom

The price of salmon has seen a drastic decline in the past few months, rocking the boat for the Norwegian fishing industry and salmon...

Warmer waters bring exotic residents

A steady increase in water temperature over the past three decades has brought more than a hundred new species to the Norwegian coast line....

King crab crisis averted

It has long been thought that the rapid spread of enormous king crabs in Norwegian waters, viewed as both a delicacy and a plague,...



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