Fur farmers win more compensation

Norway’s newly minority government headed off another challenge this week when it agreed to pay out far more compensation to fur farmers who must phase out their operations. No one knows, however, how much Norway’s forced shutdown of fur farming after myriad cases of animal abuse will now cost taxpayers. The fur farmers’ lobby had […]

Majority supports fur industry phase-out

A new survey shows that a majority of Norwegians support the conservative government’s recent decision to phase out the fur industry. The survey was taken after the newly expanded government agreed on the phase-out. The survey was conducted by research firm Sentio for newspaper Nationen, which traditionally is supported by farmers and advocates of rural […]

Fur farmers fight pending shutdown

After repeated incidents of animal abuse and complaints from animal welfare activists, Norway’s newly expanded coalition government now plans to phase out the entire industry. The country’s remaining fur farmers claim they’re “shocked,” despite years of warnings. The addition of the non-socialist but environmentally conscious Liberal Party to Norway’s conservative government coalition, announced Sunday, led […]

Fur farmers face more restrictions

After repeated cases of animal abuse at Norwegian fur farms, state officials are now imposing more restrictions and tougher regulations. Animal rights activists wish the farms had been shut down all together. The state agricultural ministry, responding to all the findings of negligence and poor conditions in animals’ cages, is now prohibiting keeping mink, for […]

Torchlight parades protested fur industry

Thousands marched in torchlight parades around the country over the weekend, to demonstrate their opposition to the fur industry and fur farms in Norway. The animal rights organization NOAH also threatens to sue the state if politicians continue to allow fur farms despite repeated findings of animal abuse. Police estimated that around 4,000 demonstrators marched in Oslo […]

Government won’t ban fur farms

The Norwegian government has backed away from calls to phase out the country’s highly controversial fur industry. Despite repeated cases of animals found badly injured and traumatized, the state agriculture ministry is opting to give fur farmers yet another chance, albeit under stricter rules. Protests were already streaming in, after newspaper Dagbladet reported that the fur farms would […]

143,000 oppose fur farms in Norway

The animal protection organization NOAH delivered a bulging petition to the state agriculture ministry on Wednesday favouring a phase-out of fur farms in Norway. The petition was signed by around 143,000 Norwegians. NOAH activists Siri Martinsen and Shabana Rehman ceremoniously handed the petition to Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale of the Progress Party. Dale  is in the […]

More suffering minks found at fur farms

Norwegian fur farms face a highly uncertain future after repeated reports of negligence and injured animals in recent years. Now state regulators have found more suffering minks, and say it’s difficult to secure animal welfare at the farms. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Wednesday that exasperation among the authorities at state food and animal safety agency Mattilsynet […]

Mink farmer faces charges, apologizes

UPDATED: Norwegian animal protection authorities called for help from police when they raided a fur farm at Klepp in Rogaland on the west coast Tuesday. State broadcaster NRK reported the raid came after the authorities had received information about animals in “terrible” condition. The owner of the mink farm now faces charges of gross negligence and […]

Fur industry set to get another chance

A government commission that’s been studying Norway’s controversial fur industry recommends developing it in a “sustainable” manner, instead of shutting it down. The commission handed over a report on Monday that defies a majority in Parliament that wants the government to consider phasing out the industry entirely. Late last week, a majority in Parliament voted […]