Grocery chains under probe

Norway’s three major grocery store conglomerates have long been suspected of playing a major role in keeping food prices high. Competition authorities finally decided to pay them an unexpected visit last month, when they seized large amounts of data and now are looking for signs of illegal price-setting. The raids, reported by newspaper Aftenposten, were […]

New effort launched to open stores on Sunday

Norway’s new government minister Trine Skei Grande of the Liberal Party has sent a proposal out for hearing that would further ease restrictions on stores keen to open on Sundays. Current law only allows stores to open if they’re less than 100 square meters in size, located near transport hubs or in tourist areas, and […]

Meat and egg producer to cut staff, costs

Nortura, Norway’s dominant farmer-owned cooperative for meat, poultry and eggs, has launched a cost-cutting program that also will cut 300 jobs over the next three years. Nortura issued a warning this week that it expects weaker results for 2017. A looming restructuring program at Nortura, which has around 5,500 employees nationwide, “will affect so many […]

Food prices suddenly fall

Norway’s notoriously high food prices have become a bit easier to swallow. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) has confirmed that they declined rather suddenly during the summer, to a degree that also has brought declines in both the country’s consumer price index (CPI) and its inflation rate. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported this week that food […]

Grocery stores lose out to border trade

It shouldn’t come as any surprise, but large grocery stores located just over the border in Sweden are cutting into the revenues of Norway’s smaller, more expensive grocery stores. New figures from the retail employers’ national organization Virke show that Norwegian consumers will likely spend NOK 2 billion in Swedish grocery stores this summer alone. Virke […]

REMA 1000 recalls chicken

Norwegian grocery store chain REMA 1000 was recalling all chicken sold in its stores from May 4-10, because of fears it may be infected with the E-coli bacteria. Anyone who has eaten chicken from REMA 1000 and fallen ill during the past week was urged to contact a doctor. Alarms rang when a routine control of 48,000 chickens produced […]

Glut of lamb meat won’t lower prices

Norway’s allowance of strict market regulation in its agricultural sector has suddenly left the country with a glut of its lamb meat, often hyped as being of high quality to justify high prices. Warehouses of frozen lamb are now so stuffed with lamb that even farmers and Norway’s highly regulated meat industry are worried, but consumers can’t expect […]

Rema 1000 drops major suppliers

Grocery shopping in Norway has generated lots of criticism and complaints over the years, because of market concentration, high prices and relatively poor selection. Now one of Norway’s leading chains, Rema 1000, has really upset the shopping carts by removing many major brands from its shelves, in favour of local suppliers and only a few national conglomerates. The […]

Swedish stores ‘more exciting’

It’s not just the lower prices that tempt carloads of Norwegians to cross the border and go grocery shopping in Sweden. A new study confirms that the sheer selection in Swedish grocery stores is so much bigger and better that it alone can be worth the trip. “I think the selection at Norwegian grocery stores […]

Survey confirms consumers’ dissatisfaction

A new EU survey confirms what many who live in Norway have claimed for years: The quality and selection of fresh meat and produce in the grocery stores leaves a lot to be desired. “There are only two countries in Europe where consumers are less satisfied than we are in Norway, and that’s Bulgaria and Croatia,” Gunstein Instefjord of […]