Grocers rank high among Norway’s richest

Shipowner and investor John Fredriksen tops an annual listing of Norway’s wealthiest individuals once again. Right behind him, though, are owners of two of the three grocery store chains that dominate the Norwegian market. They’re doing well during the Corona crisis. Fredriksen, the former clerk from a working class family in Oslo, was listed with […]

Grocers may win border trade battle

Norwegian grocery stores have been thriving during the Corona crisis, after closed borders and Covid-19 restrictions prevented Norwegians from driving over the border to shop in Sweden. Now other moves are afoot to keep Norwegians shopping at home as the battle over border trade rages once again. Thousands of Norwegians living within an hour or […]

Grocery shoppers ‘cheated for years’

Norway’s largest and most powerful grocery store owner, NorgesGruppen, has been able to pay suppliers as much as 15 percent less than its rivals for the same products. Officials at competing grocery chains REMA 1000 and Coop claim they’re “shocked,” and that grocery customers have been “cheated for years.” Competition authorities raided major supplier Orkla on […]

Authorities raid grocery giants

Inspectors from Norway’s competition authority (Konkurransetilsynet) raided major players in the country’s high-priced grocery business on Tuesday. The goal was to uncover possible violations of competition law that have left consumers paying more than they should for everyday items. Authorities first raided the household cleaning products and hygiene firm Lilleborg, which is wholly owned by the large […]

Norwegians eating less red meat

Around one out of every four Norwegians say they’re choosing to eat less meat because of climate concerns and the emissions tied to meat production. That’s showing up in sales statistics. Red meat sales have fallen by more than 600 tons so far this year compared to last year, according to numbers from research firm […]

Customer finds needle in banana

Grocery store workers were being urged Thursday to pay attention to the fresh fruit and vegetables they handle, after a customer at a Coop store in Sarpsborg found a needle in a banana. It’s the first time such an incident has been reported in Norway. “All of our stores are under video surveillance, so we […]

Minister gets tough on grocery chains

The Norwegian government is finally cracking down on grocery retailers and wholesalers who dominate the market and thus, it’s believed, limit competition. Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, the government minister in charge of business and trade, formally presented 39 measures to Parliament on Friday aimed at making sure the dominant players comply with competition law. Isaksen’s “Report […]

Wolf supporters join meat boycott

The ongoing battle between those trying to preserve Norway’s wolf population and farmers wanting to preserve free-grazing traditions for their sheep and lambs has moved into grocery stores. Wolf supporters are joining a boycott rooted in social media against the purchase of all meat caught in conflicts. Sausage made from sheep meat in Norway (called […]

Grocery chains under probe

Norway’s three major grocery store conglomerates have long been suspected of playing a major role in keeping food prices high. Competition authorities finally decided to pay them an unexpected visit last month, when they seized large amounts of data and now are looking for signs of illegal price-setting. The raids, reported by newspaper Aftenposten, were […]

New effort launched to open stores on Sunday

Norway’s new government minister Trine Skei Grande of the Liberal Party has sent a proposal out for hearing that would further ease restrictions on stores keen to open on Sundays. Current law only allows stores to open if they’re less than 100 square meters in size, located near transport hubs or in tourist areas, and […]