Military still fighting war on harassment

Norway’s defense establishment has targeted bullying and sexual harassment within the armed forces, and mounted major efforts to shoot down both. A new study released last week, however, shows there’s still a long way to go despite success at recruiting and even showcasing more female officers. When thousands of NATO soldiers arrived in Norway for joint […]

Police accused of sexual harassment

Norway’s state police force is run by women, as is the state police academy. That hasn’t prevented sexual harassment from permeating the ranks, not least at the academy itself, but now the leaders claim they’re cracking down. “There’s been a bad power culture and a culture dominated by men,” said Justice Minister Monica Mæland, referring […]

Labour MP guilty of sexual harassment

Eirik Sivertsen, a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party, has resigned as a party spokesman and won’t be running for re-election in 2021, after the party concluded that he had violated Labour’s guildelines against sexual harassment. The party disclosed this week that it had handled a complaint againt Sivertsen, details of which were not […]

Progress politician charged with rape

A Progress Party politician from Rogaland has been charged with raping a woman in her 20s after a political gathering in Haugesund last weekend. The rape allegedly occurred at a downtown hotel in the West Coast city late Saturday night. Newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad reported on the rape Friday and wrote that there were several other […]

Court condones professor’s firing

The Oslo County Court has concluded that the University of Stavanger was within its rights to fire a former professor, claiming there was clear evidence he had offended and harassed students and colleagues for years. Nils Rune Langeland had sued the university in 2017, claiming his dismissal was invalid. The court disagreed, finding that Langeland […]

Police won’t probe harassment at Sp

Police in Western Norway claim they don’t have the time or resources needed to try to find out who sent a sexually explicit and highly offensive text message to the former female leader of the Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp). Police also noted that party officials themselves failed to report the harassment when it first occurred […]

Trygve gets tough with Sp’s ‘bad boys’

Faced with a torrent of criticism for displaying poor leadership, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum is now talking tough as head of the nationally embarrassed Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp). He’s vowing to report eight of the party’s top male politicians to the police, plus two others, if none of them admits by Wednesday to sending an obscene […]

Conservatives ban the ‘nachspiel’

Norway’s Conservative Party is holding its annual national meeting (landsmøte) this weekend, without one potentially troublesome feature: the notorious nachspiel. They’re the late-night parties-after-the-party, and the Conservatives have found it necessary to crack down on them. They’ll also be serving less alcoholic beverages during the weekend, when around 700 party members are gathered at a […]

Threats on the rise against politicians

Fully two of every five politicians in Norway have found themselves the targets of threats so serious that police have needed to launch investigations and offer protection. Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande has been open about the threats against her, while  a study released earlier this month shows that even death threats are not […]

More politicians in trouble over sex

UPDATED: A high-ranking Member of Parliament for the Progress Party withdrew from all his positions on Wednesday, five years after he sent hard-core pornographic photos to young male party members in his home community in Østfold. A former local politician for the Christian Democrats in Hordaland, meanwhile, pleaded guilty this week to having sex with […]