Oslo’s boss blasts World Cup plans

Oslo’s city government leader Raymond Johansen thinks it’s “crazy” to even think about hosting World Cup skiing competition at Holmenkollen in March, or an international football match either. He firmly rejects the state government’s support for sports officials’ plans to host such events, making it unlikely that skiers will be racing around or jumping at […]

Wind and fog cancelled ski jumping

Both the men’s and women’s annual ski jumping competitions at Oslo’s iconic Holmenkollen Ski Jump were cancelled Sunday afternoon. Strong winds and melting snow made it impossible to carry out an event that already had been all but killed off by the Corona virus. “Organizers of Holmenkollen can’t be blamed that the ski jumping was […]

Norwegian skiers lost, jumper won

After a season of near total dominance, Norwegians failed to win either of the long-distance World Cup races for men and women held during the Holmenkollen Ski Festival over the weekend. They wound up beaten by a Russian and a Swede. Alexsandr Bolsjunov of Russia won the men’s 50-kilometer race, with Simen Hegstad Krüger and […]

Drunk teens caused trouble at Holmenkollen

Around 4,500 sports fans and a few troublemakers, many of the latter drunken teenagers, defied public health officials’ orders to stay away from the annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo over the weekend. Police and Red Cross volunteers had to deal with the youngsters who were intoxicated, quarrelsome and too thinly clothed for the damp […]

Corona spoils the Holmenkollen party

One of Norway’s biggest outdoor parties of the year has been spoiled at the last minute, after local authorities ordered a shutdown of all arenas for Oslo’s annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival and World Cup competition this weekend. The ski races and ski jumping will go on, but the grandstands will remain empty after the public […]

Holmenkollen ends with sighs of relief

Organizers of what’s now called the annual “Skifest” at Holmenkollen could heave a sigh of relief on Monday. They avoided the serious crowd control problems of last year and Norwegians won more medals, but turnout was relatively low despite brilliant sunshine on Sunday. Police reported that only around 10,000 people were in and around the […]

Police tackle chaos at Holmenkollen

Tens of thousands of winter sports fans are expected to head up to the Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo this weekend, not least to see many of the new skiing- and ski-jumping World Champions in action. Organizers, police and transport officials aim to avoid the chaos that erupted at least year’s so-called “Skifest,” through better […]

Man held after murder at Holmenkollen

A Latvian man in his 30s who lives in Hamar was in police custody this week, charged with fatally stabbing a colleague while taking part in a company Christmas party at a rented facility at Holmenkollen.  The victim was a Polish man in his 50s who also lives in Norway. Both he and the defendant […]

Holmenkollen to fend off more ‘fylla’

UPDATED: More crowds and sports fans headed up to Holmenkollen in Oslo over the weekend, for World Cup biathlon competition. Organizers promised that they would not be subjected to the drunken disordliness called fylla that plagued last weekend’s World Cup ski jumping and cross-country events, and that they were “working hard” to prevent it from […]

‘Kollen’ shame hurts Olympic hopes

Norway’s biggest annual winter sports weekend ended with Norwegians winning most everything, but leaving them stunned and shamed by drunk- and disorderly conduct among spectators. Athletes’ hopes of another Winter Olympics (OL) in Norway were quickly put on ice, at least temporarily. The chaos that spoiled the Holmenkollen Ski Festival on Saturday was not reflected in […]