Norway over-reliant on foreign workers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s over-reliance on relatively low-paid foreign workers in a variety of industries, not least fishing, has become glaringly apparent during the Corona crisis. It has also contributed to the demise of the working class in Norway, and may explain why the Labour Party has been losing voters for years. Problems first started literally […]

Stowaways hid in tanker’s rudder

Four men from Nigeria managed to hide inside a compartment atop the rudder of a Norwegian tanker earlier this month, and then survived 10 days at sea until they were discovered when the vessel took on fuel in Las Palmas. Now they’re in the hands of Norwegian police. “The sea and the rudder were right […]

Fishing firm convicted of exploiting foreign workers

A court in Lofoten, Northern Norway, has convicted a fish processing facility in Finnmark for exploiting 11 workers from Lithuania who were not compensated with overtime pay even after working considerable amounts of extra hours. News bureau NTB reported that Norwegian colleagues at the firm received overtime pay, but not the foreign labourers. The firm, which […]

Somalians most satisfied among immigrants

After years of struggling to integrate and being branded as a “problem” group among immigrants in Norway, Somalians now rank as among those most satisfied with their quality of life. A new study by state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) placed them at the top of the list, followed by immigrants from Sri Lanka and […]

Culture shock continues over babies left in the cold

As temperatures fall and winter looms, foreign parents in Norway are once again experiencing culture shock over a Norwegian tradition that literally leaves babies out in the cold. The practice of bundling them up and then parking their baby carriages outdoors is viewed as entirely unacceptable to many. “No (expletive deleted) way!” declared one father […]

‘Siem Pilot’ caught in rescue ‘chaos’

The Norwegian vessel that’s been deployed for rescue operations in the Mediterranean, the Siem Pilot, saved around 2,400 migrants over the weekend in an emergency situation that reportedly led to “complete chaos” on board. The vessel was on its way to Palermo Sunday, still carrying 1,093 migrants. Most are believed to have embarked from Libya on […]

Drunks threaten border control

Border police and security personnel on board ferries between Norway and Denmark are facing problems trying to carry out Norway’s tough new border control procedures. Many of the passengers are too drunk to find their identification and travel documents, or answer border patrol officers’ questions. It’s holiday party season in both Norway and Denmark, and the ferries […]

Economic slowdown hits immigrants

Fewer labour migrants from Europe are arriving in Norway, and immigrants already in the country are among the first to be losing their jobs as the country’s economic slowdown takes hold. After years of seeking help from abroad, Norwegian employers’ demand for labour has fallen along with oil prices. “There are fewer jobs, those who held temporary positions are often […]

More foreigners in prostitution

The Norwegian government banned prostitution in 2009 in a bid to halt human trafficking, but charities said the number of foreign prostitutes in Norway has only risen in the years since. Aid groups blamed the financial crisis in other parts of Europe and Norway’s strict migrant worker regulations for pushing more foreigners onto the streets. […]

Immigrants’ income varies widely

The median income of British and Danish immigrants in Norway is higher than that for the country as a whole, while immigrants from Somalia rank lowest on new income charts prepared by state statistics bureau SSB. Immigrants in general earn roughly 77 percent of the median income in Norway. SSB set the median after-tax income in Norway […]