Ban looms on marriage between cousins

Both ends of the political spectrum in Norway seem to agree on a proposal to prohibit marriage between what Norwegians call søskenbarn, the children of brothers and sisters. The conservative Progress Party and the Labour Party support a ban and will move the proposal forward in Parliament. Norway’s own royal family has earlier engaged in […]

Listhaug sets off more controversy

Sylvi Listhaug, Norway’s government minister in charge of immigration and integration, set off more debate this week after releasing the results of a study she’d ordered. It confirms that Norwegians with immigrant background are over-represented in crime statistics, a fact Listhaug seized upon while downplaying how the study also shows the degree of over-representation declining […]

Government reacts to Koran school abuse

Reports that several Somalian-Norwegian children have been sent by their families to strict Koran schools back in Somalia, where they suffered physical abuse, have prompted government ministers to threaten to withdraw the children’s passports. Then their parents wouldn’t be able to send them out of the country. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) ran a series of reports […]

Norway set to allow dual citizenship

After years of denial, the Norwegian government finally appears ready to allow dual citizenship in Norway. A proposal cleared for hearing this autumn looks likely to gain support in Parliament, granting new rights to thousands of Norwegian residents with personal ties to another country. In a twist of irony, it was the immigration-skeptical government minister […]

Culture shock continues over babies left in the cold

As temperatures fall and winter looms, foreign parents in Norway are once again experiencing culture shock over a Norwegian tradition that literally leaves babies out in the cold. The practice of bundling them up and then parking their baby carriages outdoors is viewed as entirely unacceptable to many. “No (expletive deleted) way!” declared one father […]

Thousands excluded from Election Day

It was pouring rain in Oslo and many other Norwegian cities on Election Day Monday. That was at least some consolation, perhaps, for the thousands of permanent Norwegian residents over the age of 18 who couldn’t brave the bad weather and troop to the polls anyway, because they’re not eligible to vote. Newspaper Aftenposten reported recently […]

TV program leader confronts her critics

A young Muslim woman who won fame in Norway for speaking out against Islamic extremists made her TV debut Thursday night as leader of a  program aimed at encouraging other young Norwegians to vote. Faten Mahdi al-Hussaini also responded to all the criticism state broadcaster NRK has received for allowing her to wear her hijab on the air, suggesting it […]

NRK upset by flap over anchor’s hijab

Norway’s state broadcasting company NRK has received more than 3,000 complaints over an upcoming new TV program, tied to the parliamentary election in September, that allows its Muslim anchor to wear her hijab on air. “I see that there are strong and dark forces that don’t want young Muslims to be visible,” claims NRK’s chief, Thor Gjermund Eriksen. The […]

Immigrants battle under-employment

Highly skilled and highly educated immigrants in Norway have long faced huge challenges finding work in line with their qualifications. Their battles not only point up underlying prejudice on the part of employers: A new study shows that Norway’s failure to include them in the workforce is also costing society as much as NOK 6 […]

Norwegian parents positive to gay kids

As Norwegian towns and cities geared up for Pride celebrations this weekend comes news that the vast majority of Norwegian parents wouldn’t get upset if their child came out as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Fully 80 percent claimed in a new survey that they’d be either positive or indifferent to their child’s homosexuality. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported […]