Frigate loss didn’t hurt Navy chief

He led Norway’s naval defense when naval officers on board one of the country’s five frigates collided with a tanker in 2018 and later had to be scrapped. The frigate disaster hasn’t seemed to hurt the career of Vice-Admiral Nils Andreas Stensønes, though, after he was promoted and appointed as the new chief of Norway’s […]

PST criticizes counterpart’s data storage request

Norway’s state intelligence gathering agency PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjenesten) isn’t supporting a request from its military and overseas counterpart E-tjenesten, that the latter be allowed to monitor and store all data crossing the border for 18 months. PST fears it may overlap or collide with its own itelligence gathering. PST is responsible for assessing and handling […]

Norwegian officials following Swedes’ IT scandal closely

Norwegian security experts and government officials are concerned about a severe breach of computer security in Sweden that made it possible to spread sensitive, confidential information. Norway and Sweden have similar government systems, experts note, and both countries need to put much higher priority on the security of computer files. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has now admitted that […]

Monitoring complaints rise

Complaints about alleged illegal monitoring by Norwegian intelligence services doubled from 21 in 2001 to more than 40 in 2013. The focus has increasingly shifted to immigrant communities with ties to Islam, leading to concerns such surveillance could hinder their integration and have broader impacts on democratic rights. On Monday the Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee […]

Military sends out terrorism warning

Norway’s military intelligence unit known as E-tjenesten confirmed Sunday that it had sent out a warning of a possible terrorist attack to Norwegian government officials. The warning is in line with that issued by US officials who’ve been tipped that a major terrorist action is being planned. General Lieutenant Kjell Grandhagen, chief of the defense […]

New criticism and changes for PST

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) was the target on Monday of new, sharp criticism from a government-appointed commission set up to evaluate its performance, not least after last year’s terrorist attacks. PST’s management came under fire for being too traditional and failing to detect overall trends regarding threats to national security. The commission […]

PST boss hangs on to her job

Janne Kristiansen, head of Norway’s police intelligence unit PST, faced her critics on Friday and claimed she had no intention of resigning. She apologized, though, for her lack of clarity in various comments made after last summer’s terrorist attacks. Kristiansen’s boss, new Justice Minister Grete Faremo, had conceded this week that Kristiansen “created confusion” by […]

Politicians want to open Stasi archive

Some high-profile politicians from the Labour Party and Socialist Left (SV), both of which are members of Norway’s left-center government coalition, want to open up a long-locked archive detailing the activities of Norwegians who delivered information to the former East Germany’s dreaded secret police unit, the Stasi. Access, however, would be restricted to researchers. Newspaper […]

New criticism of terror response

As Norway’s initial mourning period comes to a close, Norwegian media have begun criticizing various police agencies for their response to the Oslo bombing and Utøya shootings. New details are also emerging about boat problems, the lack of availability of a helicopter and issues encountered in the post-crisis command structure. Police had already been criticized […]

Spying hits post-Cold War high

Norway’s intelligence-gathering activity is higher than it’s ever been since the end of the Cold War, with its number of assignments increasing five-fold in the past seven years. Norway’s wide range of international operations is behind the increase. Newspaper Aftenposten reported on Tuesday that Norway’s state intelligence service Etterretningstjenesten has received a 35 percent budget […]