NATO chief also working from home

NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg has first-hand experience in dealing with a crisis that forced him out of his office. Now he’s been working from home again along with millions of others all over the world, tackling an attack not from a terrorist this time but from a virus. “My life is affected like everyone […]

Lawsuit can halt plans to tear down ‘Y-blokka’

Opponents of plans to tear down a low-rise concrete building in Norway’s government complex, which was bombed by a right-wing extremist in 2011, have sued the state ministry in charge. They claim the state has refused to carry out a thorough process by failing to listen to their objections. The plaintiffs include the state and […]

PST probed after right-wing attack

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST, officially charged with evaluating and handling the most serious threats against national security, is now under investigation itself. At issue is how PST handled and failed to ward off last year’s deadly attack by another young Norwegian right-wing extremist. A key area under probe is how PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) responded […]

Right-wing threat matches Islamists’

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST now believes that it’s just as probable that a new terrorist attack will be carried out by right-wing extremists as by Islamic extremists. Politically motivated violence by both extremist groups has emerged as the biggest threat currently facing Norway. Hans Sverre Sjøvold, the new chief of PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste), is […]

Terror recovery takes a long time

More than a million Norwegians committed and even forced themselves to watch state broadcaster NRK’s highly acclaimed TV series about their national trauma on the 22nd of July, 2011. It’s taking a long time to recover and not least rebuild Norway’s heavily damaged government complex after the twin attacks that day by a lone right-wing […]

Wreckers’ crews loom at ‘Y-blokka’

Plans to tear down the low-rise government building in Oslo known as Y-blokka, damaged in the terrorist bombing on July 22 2011, won’t be reversed. The state ministry in charge announced Thursday that the plans don’t defy any international conventions, and wrecking crews will start razing the building shortly after New Year. Activists have long […]

U-turn taken on disputed ‘Y-blokka’

Norwegians seem to either love or hate the low-rise Y-shaped office building that was damaged in the bombing of the state government complex in Oslo in 2011. Now the building known as “Y-blokka” has won another reprieve from the wrecker’s ball, after the government reversed its most recent decision not to evaluate any more appeals […]

Challenges pile up for new PST chief

Hans Sverre Sjøvold took over as the new chief of Norway’s police intelligence agency PST just last spring. Since then he’s had to deal with another terrorist attack by a young white supremacist, more right-wing extremism and probes into questionable PST operations, while facing charges of illegal weapons possession himself. Sjøvold insists, however, that “the […]

PST targets more right-wing extremism

The arrest in Oslo this weekend of a right-wing nationalist from the US marks the latest example of how Norway’s police intelligence unit PST views conservative extremism as a serious security threat. The American, identified as Greg Johnson, was arrested at what was supposed to be a secret gathering to promote racist and anti-Semitic ideology. […]

Iron roses form new July 22 memorial

It’s been eight years since Norwegians impulsively laid down thousands of roses outside Oslo’s Cathedral to honor the 77 people killed in a right-wing terrorist’s attacks on the government and the Labour Party. Now a thousand roses made of iron have risen at the same spot, part of a new permanent memorial to the victims […]