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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mass-murderer appeals loss in court

The extremist right-wing Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 people during his attack on the Norwegian government and Labour Party in 2011 has lost his latest lawsuit against the state. A local court disagreed that his prison conditions violate his human rights, a decision he quickly appealed.

The mass-murderer was sentenced in 2012 to what’s likely to be life in prison, and is currently being held in a multi-room “cell” complete with exercise equipment, a kitchen, living room and even pet parakeets. He complains, however, that terms of his isolation don’t allow him enough human contact apart from meeting prison staff and others selected for occasional visits.

The Norwegian judge handling his case disagreed, claiming in a 66-page verdict this week that his prison conditions are good, that control over his communications is warranted, that he’s in good health and can spend his days as he wants within his confined but relatively large space at the Ringerike prison outside Oslo.

The court decision was a full victory for prosecutors who also claim the terrorist remains “extremely dangerous” and poses a threat to the public. The convicted mass-murderer who also wounded hundreds of others now hopes an appeals court will hear his case and disagree. staff



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