NATO forces no-drone zone

Norwegian police are warning of large fines for anyone caught sending drones or other aicraft into the area of central Norway where a huge NATO exercise is due to begin next week. A no-drone zone has been set up from Rena and Trysil in the south nearly to the coast across from Hitra in the […]

Dutch military forgot warm clothing

Soldiers from the Netherlands who are in Norway for this fall’s huge NATO exercise were not issued the warm clothing they’ll need. Their military bosses reportedly forgot that winter weather can arrive in October and November, and in many areas already has. Newspaper Aftenposten recently reported that Dutch soldiers were told late last month to […]

NATO exercise grows in size and scope

Another 6,000 US soldiers will be joining the huge NATO exercise that formally gets underway in Norway later this month. They’ll be arriving on the USS Harry S Truman, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that’s bound to make waves. Norwegians generally have an aversion to anything nuclear-powered and don’t like it when either US or Russian […]

Støre details effort for peace in Libya

While Norwegian fighter jets were bombing Libya in the spring of 2011, Norway’s foreign minister at the time got the son of the country’s dictator Moammar Gadhafi on a phone line. Jonas Gahr Støre has now spoken with Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) about the secret attempt at Libyan peace talks for the first time. “It wasn’t […]

Ex-ministers regret bombing, not Jens

Two top government colleagues of Norway’s former prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, now say that the Stoltenberg Government should not have taken part in NATO’s bombing of Libya in 2011. Stoltenberg, who went on to become secretary general of NATO, claims he has no regrets, and would make the same decision today as he did seven […]

Norway ill-advised on bombing Libya

A state commission has concluded that Norwegian politicians knew too little about the situation in Libya before the Parliament and former Labour Party-led government agreed to take part in NATO’s bombing of the country in the spring of 2011. Norway’s prime minister at the time was NATO’s current boss, Jens Stoltenberg. The conclusion came after […]

NATO exercise can jam DAB, mobile phones

This fall’s massive NATO exercise in Norway known as Trident Juncture can interfere with both mobile phone and DAB radio signals. It’s unclear whether the country’s communications network will meet the demands placed on it. The NATO exercise will involve 40,000 soldiers from all 29 NATO countries plus Sweden and Finland. Norwegian defense officials have […]

Here comes NATO: Convoys hit the road

Norwegians were set to have some of their first close encounters with major military convoys this weekend, after a German military cargo ship tied up in Fredikstad Friday morning. It was offloading around 250 military vehicles and 70 containers, all bound for military installations at Gardermoen (Sessvollmoen) and Rena as part of the major NATO […]

Huge NATO exercise reveals problems

The first of 10,000 military vehicles arrived in Norway over the weekend, all of which will be taking part in NATO’s huge “Trident Juncture” exercise later this autumn. The exercise will also involve more than 40,000 soldiers from 31 countries, but technical communications problems have meant that not everything has been going quite as planned. […]

Police boost preparedness

Police departments all over Norway are raising their levels of preparedness to the so-called Alfa level. All police officers have been told to be on the alert to hinder espionage in advance of this autumn’s largest NATO exercise ever. More than 40,000 soldiers and support staff from more than 30 countries will be in Norway […]