Ex-maritime chief blasts frigate report

A former top official at Norway’s state maritime directorate who’s also a veteran of the UN’s International Maritime Organzation (IMO) is strongly criticizing a preliminary report on last month’s collision and near sinking of the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad. He claims the report downplays the responsibility of the frigate’s crew, and calls the collision “an […]

Navy scrambles to fix vessel faults

The serious collision between a Norwegian frigate and a fully-laden tanker northeast of Bergen earlier this month is already having some consequences. Accident investigators have found fault with the frigate’s supposedly water-tight compartment design, while the Navy is also tightening rules for when the frigates and other military vessels can turn off their Automatic Indentification […]

Human error likely in frigate collision

Norway’s state accident investigation board issued a preliminary report on Thursday in which it found “no indications that technical systems did not function as expected,” prior to the dramatic collision between a Norwegian frigate and a tanker earlier this month. That suggests human error, investigators acknowledged, while noting that “no single act or incident” was […]

Frigate questions frustrate minister

He hasn’t resorted to calling them “enemies of the people,” like US President Donald Trump has, but Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen has definitely come out swinging against inquisitive reporters. He thinks they’ve been asking far too many questions after a Norwegian frigate collided with a tanker earlier this month. “It’s quite unique that an […]

Navy ship collided after frigate duty

The Norwegian Navy suffered another accident on Sunday, when a vessel that had spent the weekend coordinating the salvage of the mostly sunken frigate KNM Helge Ingstad collided itself with a small boat. Questions are rising, meanwhile, over how the government will cover the rapidly mounting costs of the frigate’s own collision and salvage operation. […]

US officer was on frigate’s bridge

Norwegian media were reporting Wednesday morning that a US naval officer was on the bridge of the doomed Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad when it collided with a tanker off Norway’s West Coast two weeks ago. The frigate, meanwhile, remains mostly underwater but has been stabilized. Newspapers Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and Bergens Tidende (BT) reported that […]

Americans on board ill-fated frigate

When a Norwegian sailor on the bridge of the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad was asked the size of the crew on board, right after the frigate had collided with a tanker, he can clearly be heard reporting “134” on tapes of the marine traffic log. The number was even repeated, yet the official number of […]

Frigate’s oil spurs seafood warnings

Oil seeping from the mostly sunken wreckage of the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad has prompted state food safety agency Mattilsynet to warn against eating seafood caught in the area. Farmed salmon is also being checked for any signs of oil pollution. The warnings were issued Friday amidst plans to raise the stricken warship and transport […]

Damage reports filed after NATO exercise

More than 500 reports of property damage have been submitted to the Norway’s defense department following NATO’s huge Trident Juncture exercise that ended last week. Farmers, including many in Hedmark County, are among those filing compensation claims. Erling Aas-Eng, leader of the farmers’ organization Hedmark Bondelag, told newspaper Aftenposten that around 500 claims for damage […]

Defense officials shield frigate’s crew

Norway’s Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen and Defense Chief Haakon Bruun-Hanssen have become the latest to protect and drum up public sympathy for the crew of the Norwegian frigate that collided with a tanker last week. After meeting crew members in Bergen, Bakke-Jensen went to far as to praise them despite numerous indications of human error […]