Lots of dolphins frolic in the fjord

At least 50 dolphins have been spotted in the Oslo Fjord during the past few days. Researchers think they’re hunting for mackerel, which is plentiful at this time of the year. One flock of dolphins was observed in the Bunnfjord, literally where the Oslo Fjord bottoms out due south of Oslo and on the southeast […]

Wildflowers radiant after the drought

PHOTO FEATURE: Norway’s fields of of wildflowers known as blomsterenga have been blossoming even more beautifully than usual this summer. Experts cite last year’s drought, which “stressed” both plants and trees and made them try to spread more seeds before dying. This bounty of rødkløver (red clover) is typical of the wildflowers blossoming all over the […]

Norway to start charting insects

Mosquitos can be a nuisance and no one likes having to swat flies or be stung by wasps, but they’re all a critical part of the ecosystem. Norwegian officials want to hang on to them, and are starting with an attempt to chart the country’s insects for the first time ever. “We don’t know enough […]

Warm weather brings out the wasps

Norwegians are having to battle more than uncomfortably warm temperatures and forest fires this summer. Now they’re being plagued by wasps as well, with experts warning of “explosive growth” in the wasp population. “There can be many, many wasps through August, at least in southern and central Norway,” senior researcher Frode Ødegaard of the Norwegian […]

Drone draws complaints in national park

Hikers and nature enthusiasts out enjoying a spectacular day in the mountains around Jotunheimen’s national park on Sunday were startled, and disturbed, to suddenly have a drone flying over their heads and taking photos. Park officials intend to report the incident to police. The drone, claimed national park manager Kari Sveen, constituted “a clear violation” of […]