Zuccarello excels again, at football

Norwegian hockey star Mats Zuccarello Aasen has been on summer holiday back home in Norway this week, shifting his playing arena from Madison Square Garden in New York City to the Ekeberg football fields in Oslo. Zuccarello played with other Norwegian sports celebrities in a charity football match tied to the huge Norway Cup youth football […]

Norway Cup opens with a ‘Scream’

Around 30,000 young football players from all over the world are in Oslo once again for the annual Norway Cup football match that kicked off on Sunday. As part of the weekend’s opening ceremonies, many of them assembled themselves on the plateau at Ekeberg to form the iconic image of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s famous […]

Girls flock to Norway Cup

Oslo has become a multi-cultural city in recent years and this week especially, with youth from all over the world in town to take part in the annual Norway Cup football (soccer) tournament. More girls than ever before are taking to the field as well. More than a third of this year’s players are women, reports […]

Girls' football team, approved for Norway Cup, disappears

Seventeen teenage girls from the Democratic Republic of the Congo were granted visas to play in last month’s Norway Cup youth football tournament in Oslo. They never showed up, now it seems the team doesn’t exist, and no one knows where the girls are. Fears are rising that Norwegian officials have been fooled by human […]

Norway Cup tackles swine flu

It was, perhaps, inevitable. Nearly 30,000 youngsters from all over the world are in Oslo this week for the huge, international Norway Cup football (soccer) tournament. Now six of them have confirmed cases of swine flu, and tournament officials are doing all they can to stop the illness from spreading. It’s not easy at an […]