Rabies threatens Svalbard reindeer

Authorities on Norway’s Arctic island group of Svalbard have burned the carcass of a local reindeer suspected of being infected with rabies. The reindeer’s hind legs had become lame, an indication of the rabies virus. The burned carcass has sparked debate on Svalbard, for being what some call a “grotesque” response, but veterinarians and local […]

Minister clears the way for mass reindeer slaughter

After receiving what’s been called “brutal and unambiguous” advice from veterinary experts, Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale told Norway’s food safety and animal welfare authorities this week to prepare for the country’s largest mass slaughter ever. An entire herd of wild reindeer must be eliminated, they claim, to prevent the further spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD). […]

Dead reindeer will be left to rot

More than 300 dead reindeer will be left on a remote mountain plateau in Hardanger where they were found by a Norwegian wildlife inspector just before last weekend. State environmental authorities have decided against mounting a major operation to remove all the cadavers. “We have no plans to carry the dead animals down from the plateau,” Erik […]

Reindeer giddy over mushrooms

It’s early autumn in Norway already, and the forests are full of mushrooms this year, some of them hallucinogenic. They’ve been discovered by reindeer out grazing, and sometimes getting higher than a kite. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported this week how motorists in Sør-Trøndelag have seen some very unusual behaviour among reindeer who appear absolutely giddy. […]

Motorist crashed into reindeer herd

A man in his 40s drove into a herd of reindeer on the E6 highway between Alta and Skaidi Tuesday night. Nineteen of the reindeer were either killed instantly or had to be put out of their misery later, the police operations leader told state broadcaster NRK. It’s common to see reindeer along the roads of […]

NRK’s ‘slow TV’ keen to follow reindeer

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), which sparked international interest with its “slow TV” concept, has a new project in the works. It involves plans to follow hundreds of reindeer as their herders move them during springtime from winter grazing grounds to the coast. It’s common  when driving along Norway’s Arctic coast of Finnmark to encounter reindeer along the road […]

Avalanche buries scores of reindeer

Reindeer herders fear as many as 200 reindeer were killed this week when an avalanche thundered down on an area where they were grazing in the mountains of Oppdal in Trøndelag, central Norway. Nearly 40 dead reindeer had been found by Thursday evening as emergency crews tried to dig them out of the mounds of […]

Fur flies over reindeer herds

Reindeer owners in Northern Norway were furious this week that Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) revealed the size of their herds, and revealed that some owners had built up their herds in advance of new state demands that they be reduced. State officials claim the grazing reindeer can’t find enough food, and that owners must slaughter animals or face […]

200 reindeer killed in avalanche

A large avalanche in Bøverdalen, Oppland killed around 200 reindeer on Tuesday. Herders watched helplessly as the animals were swept up in the avalanche, and had to euthanize dozens of injured deer.  The avalanche struck at half past 10 in the morning, running down into the valley in the Lom municipality. About 150 reindeer were […]

Reflective reindeer to reign on roads

Reindeer in Norway’s north will be fitted with reflectors in a bid to stop the animals from being run down by cars. About 10,0000 reindeer will have their horns decorated with biodegradable reflector cuffs, specially developed by the public roads authority (Statens vegvesen). It’s hoped the measure will get more of the animals through the […]