Labour cancels Giske’s comeback

UPDATED: Politicians and labour officials were reeling once again on Friday over a new video showing the Labour Party’s embattled former deputy leader Trond Giske out dancing with a young woman late at night last weekend. It was the proverbial last straw for Giske, who finally gave up part of his political comeback attempt and then […]

Giske still ripping Labour Party apart

NEWS ANALYSIS: Veteran politician Trond Giske’s determination to hang on to power within the Norwegian Labour Party continues to tear the party apart. Party leaders are now being described by some party members as “cowards” for allowing Giske to win a new strategically important party position in his native Trøndelag this week, just a year […]

Giske may make a comeback

Trond Giske, the former top Labour Party politician toppled by sexual harassment charges against him, was disappointed the party won’t take up his case again for further examination. Nor will it pay his attorney’s fees, but Giske claims he wants to remain active in the party and may mount a comeback. Labour sent a letter […]

Police release politician from custody

A Progress Party politician charged with raping a woman after the annual meeting of the party’s Rogaland chapter earlier this month has been released from police custody. He has formally denied any criminal guilt and it’s now up to a prosecutor whether he’ll be indicted. The politician, whose identity has not been made public, underwent […]

Another Progress leader shamed

Norway’s right-wing Progress Party, which is a member of the country’s conservative government coalition, has lost another of its top politicians to a mix of poor judgment and failure to keep sensitive information confidential. Helge André Njåstad is the latest in a string of Progress Party officials who have created major personnel problems. Njåstad, a […]

Politicians need a better New Year

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s seemed as though there’s never been so much unrelenting and disturbing political news in Norway as during this past year in Parliament, and it wasn’t even an election year. Conflicts, internal splits and downright scandal have tainted all the major parties, meaning that their politicians need to straighten up if they hope […]

Former minister under indictment

A former Member of Parliament and government minister for the Conservative Party, who later became a county governor in Northern Norway, has been indicted on charges he misused his position to acquire sexual contact with young men. Svein Ludvigsen, who retired in 2014, denies all the charges against him. It’s unusual for Norwegian media to […]

‘MeToo’ complaints still haunt parties

Several of Norway’s political parties are still tackling complaints filed in the wake of last winter’s international “MeToo” campaign against sexual harassment. The Conservatives have cracked down on offenders, while Labour and a few other parties are accused of letting their errant politicians off too easily. The Conservatives have reported a total of 35 complaints […]

No punishment for harassment at Sp

Norway’s farmer-friendly Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) has decided to drop any further efforts into finding out who sexually harassed one of the party’s own former female leaders. None of the 10 men linked to the harassment, who include two mayors and former Oil Minister Ola Borten Moe, will be punished in any way, while Moe […]

Sp hit by new sexual harassment claim

Just when they didn’t think things could get worse, leaders of the embattled Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) have confirmed they’ve received another complaint of sexual harassment. It emerged just as the party was reporting eight of its top male members to the police, in an effort to find out which one of them sent an […]