Cold cuts risk of mountain falling

Norway’s cold summer weather this year is unpopular, but it has reduced new warnings that the country’s unstable mountain known as Mannen might literally fall down to the valley below. Snow that fell on its summit during the night was actually welcome, also in July. It got even colder Monday night at the top of […]

Mountain threatens to crash down again

Never before has a long unstable mountainside towering over a valley in Romsdal been so threatening as this week. The few residents still living below it were facing their longest evacuation period yet. Now it’s the area of the mountain called Veslemannen that’s causing the most concern. Several landslides already and noisy rumbling prompted geologists […]

Residents still waiting for mountain to fall

A small group of hardy Norwegians were evacuated once again this week from their homes at the bottom of the unstable mountainside known as Mannen, in a valley in Romsdalen. It’s their seventh evacuation in recent years. Geologists sent out warnings earlier this week and then raised them to the so-called “red alert” level. On […]

Mountain evacuees could move back home

Homeowners and farmers living at the foot of the unstable Norwegian mountain known as Mannen were allowed to return to their homes on Sunday after being evacuated since late last week. They continue to live with uncertainty, however, over whether the mountain will some day crash down. Colder weather and predicted rain that came as […]

Unstable mountain prompts evacuation

Norway’s restless mountain called Mannen has started moving again, so much that geologists who are constantly monitoring it called for the evacuation Thursday night of those living under it. They fear the mountainside will crash down to the valley below. Mannen has set off drama for years, most recently last year when local residents were […]

Yet another mountain threatens to fall

Norwegian geologists are constantly monitoring the stability of the country’s steep mountainsides, and now one in Northern Norway is creating concerns. It’s called Gamanjunni, located up a valley across the Kåfjord from Olderdalen in Troms County, and evacuations loom. A new report from state waterways agency NVE warns that if masses of rock and dirt loosen and crash […]

Search for slide victims suspended

After more than a month of hazardous searching through unstable mud and clay, police in Sørum have suspended efforts to find the two remaining victims of a landslide on November 10. The body of a third victim was found in the masses of earth that also buried a tractor they were working with. “We have finished searching […]

Police find body of slide victim

The body of one of three men from Lithuania who were killed in a landslide in Sørum last month was found on Tuesday by crews who have continued to search through the rubble. A tractor the men were using has been found as well. The men were first listed as missing and then presumed dead after enormous amounts of […]

Investigation begins into fatal landslide

Police in Sørum, northeast of Oslo, have begun an investigation into what may have set off a landslide where six men from Lithuania were clearing a forest last week. Three of them escaped from the masses of mud and clay but three others disappeared and are presumed dead. After five days of fruitless searching for the […]

Still no sign of men missing in landslide

The grim work continued on Monday to search for the bodies of three men from Lithuania who were clearing a forest at Sørum, northeast of Oslo, when the land slid out from under them on Thursday. The local mayor and as many as 70 mourners took part in a memorial at the site on Sunday. The missing […]