Norway won’t help IS fighters home

Norwegian citizens who traveled to the Middle East to fight for or support the brutal Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization can’t expect to be brought home again at taxpayer expense. They’ll have to seek consular assistance themselves from where they are, claims Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide. “As the situation is now, we won’t be […]

Somalian woman indicted for terror

A Somalian citizen living on the West Coast has become the first woman to be indicted for terrorist activity in Norway. She’s believed to have developed and spread propaganda on behalf of the brutal terrorist group IS. State broadcaster NRK reported that the woman was arrested at Norway’s main airport at Gardermoen in December of […]

Moroccan murders probed as terrorism

Prime Minister Erna Solberg condemned the murders of two young Norwegian and Danish women in Morocco earlier this week as a “brutal and meaningless attack.” Solberg’s office confirmed on Thursday that the murders are being investigated as “a possible terrorist act.” The Office of the Prime Minister was citing information from Moroccan authorities who have […]

City Hall files police report after threats

Officials at the Oslo City Hall have reported a local resident to the police, several months after he caused a disturbance, threatened security guards and top city politicians, and made several racist remarks in a meeting with members of the City Council’s culture committee. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported Monday that the director of the City Council’s […]

Politicians threatened at Oslo City Hall

Several top city politicians were threatened by a member of the public earlier this autumn, during a meeting of the Oslo City Council’s committee for cultural issues. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported this week that committee members from various political parties were badly frightened, while the man scaring them was ultimately allowed to just walk away. The […]

Islamist sentenced for making threats

A court in Oslo sentenced Islamic extremist Mohyeldeen Mohammad to two-and-a-half years in prison on Tuesday, for making threats against politician Abid Raja, a Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party. Raja, a Muslim himself, said he was relieved Mohammad was convicted. “I hope this (case) will soon come to an end,” Raja told state […]

Engineer convicted for aiding terrorists

A former engineer for Aker Solutions at Fornebu was sentenced on Monday to two-and-half years in prison for encouraging terrorist acts online. He was also convicted for having instructed terrorists on how to make bombs and torture prisoners, but he plans to appeal. Prosecutor Fredrik Ranke told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that he was “extremely well-satisfied” […]

Engineer denies encouraging IS terror

UPDATED: A 51-year-old Iraqi-Norwegian engineer has pleaded “not guilty” to charges that he offered assistance to terror group IS, by suggesting how prisoners could be tortured and killed. He’s also charged with sharing instructions for making bombs in an online forum for jihadists, but claims he was only trying to infiltrate and then fight the […]

Opposition feels misled by Solberg

Several opposition parties in Parliament think Prime Minister Erna Solberg misinformed Parliament when she reported that work was on track to secure important buildings in Norway against terrorist attack. Their claims came after the state director of police testified at a hearing on Monday that the prime minister had “misunderstood” the police reports. Torgeir Knag […]

Government grilled on security issues

NEWS ANALYSIS: Seven years after a right-wing extremist’s bomb destroyed Norway’s government headquarters in Oslo, film crews were recreating the grim scene over the weekend for yet another drama about the deadly terrorist attack. It provided an eerie backdrop for a parliamentary hearing on Monday, at which Prime Minister Erna Solberg and other government officials […]