Norway withholds funds for Hungary

Norway and its two partners in the European Economic Area (EEA), Iceland and Liechtenstein, have been unable to agree with the Hungarian government on how their financial aid to Hungary’s civil society should be administered. They’re thus blocking access to all their potential funding, amounting to around NOK 2.3 billion for the period from 2014 […]

Summits can make Norway stronger

NEWS ANALYSIS: When Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg walked into the NATO summit in Brussels last week, she’d already gained more backbone for her government’s own delicate dealings with China. New US President Joe Biden’s willingness to confront and criticize power-hungry Chinese leaders at the G7 summit the day before carried over to the subsequent […]

Support soars for EU trade deal

A new survey shows that 62 percent of Norwegians still don’t want to join the EU, but record large numbers support Norway’s trade deal with the EU, known as the EØS/EEA agreement. Only 22 percent oppose it, bad news for the Center Party and others who complain that it forces EU policy upon them. The […]

UK free trade deal wins muted support

There was little if any customary outrage when Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg presented a new free trade deal on Friday, this time with the UK. She called the agreement “historic,” criticism was largely restrained and even Norway’s chronically unhappy farm lobby called at least parts of  it “good.” Negotiations had, as usual, pitted Norway’s […]

Norway finally lands trade deal with UK

Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s Conservatives-led government reportedly has finally struck a new post-Brexit trade deal with the Conservatives-led UK, but only after reportedly trying to secure support for it from the rival Labour Party. Norway’s two “steering parties” could thereby overrule protests from one of Solberg’s small government partners that wanted more protection for Norwegian […]

EU fires back over fishing off Svalbard

Norway and the EU remain caught in conflict over cod-fishing quotas off Svalbard. EU officials confirmed earlier this week that they think Norway is violating the Svalbard Treaty principles by cutting back on its quotas since Great Britain left the EU. Norway is also in the final rounds of free trade negotiations with Great Britain, […]

Vast majority supports EØS agreement

A new survey indicates that fully 64 percent of Norwegians support the country’s so-called EØS deal that regulates trade and shared policy with the European Union. The survey results have been called “a cold shower” for the two political parties that want to dump the agreement, the protectionist Center Party and the Socialist Left (SV). […]

Stalled UK trade deal stirs concern

Norway’s and the UK’s failure to strike a new post-Brexit free trade agreement by January 1 is unleashing new concerns, even with an interim transition deal in place. It also points up conflicts, within Norway’s own negotiating team, that once again have pitted Norway’s powerful farming lobby against its important fishing industry. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Employers’ group rings Brexit alarm

Norway’s national employers’ organization NHO is warning that Norwegian businesses need to prepare for chaos when post-Brexit transition pacts between the EU and the UK expire on December 31. Progress on firming up new agreements has been slow. News bureau NTB reported last week that Norway and the UK may not have their own free […]

China accused of a ‘moral collapse’

Reaction to Chinese authorities’ crackdown on Hong Kong’s democracy continues in Norway, with several top politicians now keen on offering asylum to the former British colony’s pro-democracy activists. One former Norwegian government minister is even calling China “the world’s largest dictatorship.” “I also think we need to evaluate whether this is a country with which […]