Historic visit to firm up UK-Nordic ties

British Prime Minister Theresa May clearly has a staggering amount of things to deal with this week, from presenting her government’s state budget to negotiating the ongoing Brexit drama, but there she was, braving the rain in Oslo on Tuesday and making an historic appearance in the Norwegian Parliament. She’d accepted an invitation to attend […]

Solberg welcomes Theresa May to Oslo

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was ready to welcome her British colleague Theresa May to Oslo on Tuesday. The two planned to discuss Brexit, NATO and Russia during their meeting. May is traveling to Oslo to take part in the Northern Future Forum, which aims to enhance cooperation between the British prime minister and her colleagues […]

Norway sues US over ‘illegal’ import tax

It’s highly unusual for allied nations to sue one another, but Norway is joining the European Union (EU) in filing a legal complaint against the US’ Trump Administration over its new customs duty on steel and aluminum. Norway claims the import tax violates the rules of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). US President Donald Trump […]

Analysts mixed on stock market fall

The Oslo Stock Exchange was battered this week like other stock markets around the world, following Wednesday’s dives in the US and Asia. One major Norwegian investor advised against doing any “bottom fishing” just yet. “Rising uncertainty tied to trade wars, rising interest rates and rising oil prices can accelerate the fall,” Jan Petter Sissener […]

Hungary wants ‘its money’ from Norway

The Hungarian government has been complaining once again that Norway is withholding its majority share of the financial aid the European Economic Area (EEA) countries dole out to Hungary as part of the EEA’a trade agreement with the EU. Norway wants to make sure its financial contribution is delivered to and controlled by civilian organizations, […]

Solberg opposes Trump’s protectionism

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg followed through on plans to oppose US President Donald Trump’s new protectionist trade policies when she addressed the United Nations’ General Assembly Tuesday night. She also stressed the importance of international cooperation through multilateral organizations that Trump dislikes. “We cannot afford to let protectionism, discrimination and economic rivalry define our […]

Norway ready for post-Brexit talks

The Norwegian government has a delegation ready to launch more formal negotiations over Norway’s looming bilateral relationship with the UK once it leaves the EU. Talks may start soon, even as the UK’s own Brexit negotiations with the EU remain complicated and the result highly unclear. News bureau NTB reported  this week that the UK […]

EU confirms exemption for Norwegian steel

Norway’s trade agreement with the European Union (known as the EØS-avtale) was getting credit for its official exemption this week from the EU’s new retaliatory customs duty on steel. It’s being imposed in response to the US Trump Administration’s own new import tax on steel, but the head of Norway’s anti-EU Center Party wouldn’t admit […]

Solberg caught in Britain’s quarrel

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg landed squarely in the middle of the Brexit quarrels going on within her counterpart Theresa May’s own party and in the British Parliament as well. Solberg doesn’t seem to think the British will wind up with an agreement like the one Norway has with the EU. In addition come the […]

Solberg secures the EU’s trade support

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg is in the midst of one of her busiest and arguably most important weeks ever. After securing support from top EU officials in Brussels for exemption from retaliatory import fees aimed at the US, Solberg was meeting in London Wednesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May and then she’ll take […]