Bergen rebuilds its 'Gingerbread City'

Hundreds of new gingerbread houses are already streaming into a pavilion in downtown Bergen, where citizens aim to build an even bigger Pepperkakeby (Gingerbread City) than the one razed by vandals during the weekend. Police arrested two suspects, aged 21 and 26, Monday evening but released them during the night.Police were reluctant to reveal much […]

Reward offered for gingerbread vandals

A former mayor of Bergen is among those offering NOK 100,000 for the arrest and conviction of those responsible for demolishing what was supposed to be the world’s largest Pepperkakeby (Gingerbread City). Thousands of children had spent all day building it in downtown Bergen on Saturday, only to see it smashed by vandals during the […]

Tougher times hurt 'julebord' season

The traditional Norwegian julebord , a lavish pre-Christmas party often hosted by companies for their employees, seems to be dying out this year. Layoffs and tight budgets are putting a damper on holiday cheer, with several companies cancelling their parties altogether. ICA, the large grocery store chain, announced late last week that it was cancelling […]

Rain delays arrival of fresh lamb

There’s been an unusual shortage of fresh lamb in Norwegian grocery stories lately. Meat producers blame a wet and muddy summer. Meanwhile, better weather was in store for the weekend. As soon as the temperature starts falling in September, most Norwegians start yearning for what’s popularly known as the country’s national dish, fårikål : Lamb […]

Sun shines brightly on patriotic 17th of May celebrations

Norway’s Constitution Day celebrations on the 17th of May basked under brilliant sunshine and perfect temperatures around most of the country on Sunday. The mood was especially festive after Norway won the Eurovision Song Contest the night before, and the winning song could still be heard on the streets along with the national anthem. The […]