Whales make a splash in Tromsø

Hungry whales have been making a splash in a fjord just outside the northern city of Tromsø, after they apparently followed a large stream of herring into the chilly waters. The whales have been putting on quite a show that was causing major traffic congestion as folks flocked to watch them. For a country that […]

Whalers report best season in years

Norway’s controversial whale hunters have reported what they claim to be the best season in many years, with 686 whales harpooned so far. That’s nearly half the quota of 1,286 whales set by Norwegian officials. “We have never hunted as well as we have this year,” Remi Unstad, skipper and shooter on board the boat […]

Whaling season makes waves

The number of boats taking part in Norway’s annual whale hunt is low again this summer, continuing the decline in participation and demand for whale meat that has been seen over the last few years. A proposal by the Fisheries Minister to export whale to Japan drew mixed reactions from the Norwegian industry, while a […]

More whales killed in this year’s hunt

After several years of decline in Norway’s annual whale hunting season, the leader of whalers in northern Norway reports an increase of 125 of the huge mammals in this year’s catch. Whalers didn’t come close to fulfilling their quota, but they told state broadcaster NRK that they’re pleased. “There was very good weather at the […]

New whaling season underway

Norway’s annual whaling season began this week with 20 boats registered to take part. The whale hunters have a quota of 1,286 whales they can harpoon this year. The quota is around the same as last year’s, when only 533 whales were actually hunted down and shot, reported local newspaper Lofotposten. A total of 21 […]

Whales pay a visit to Bergen

As many as 100 grindhvaler (pilot whales) swam into the Byfjord just outside Bergen on Sunday and came surprisingly close to the city’s Nordnes peninsula before heading north again. By Monday afternoon, though, they were threatened by curious boaters whom experts feared were coming too close to the majestic marine mammals. “Don’t get too close […]

Anti-whaling activists still angry

A Norwegian official’s claim that the country no longer faces international protests over its commercial whaling activity has been soundly trounced by anti-whaling activists. They claim opposition to Norwegian whaling is as strong as ever. “I respectfully disagree with former IWC Commissioner (and Norwegian diplomat) Karsten Klepsvik’s claim that anti-whaling protests against Norway have died […]

Whaling protests die down

After years of being on the defensive, Norwegian officials reportedly have begun to relax a bit after a marked decline in international protests over their controversial whaling activity. Now the Foreign Ministry even seems ready to hand over responsibility for whaling to the Fisheries Ministry. “We have noticed that there’s more calm around the whaling […]

Whaling woes look set to continue

Norway normally champions international cooperation and adherence to international treaties, but not when it comes to whaling. It’s considered part of the national culture, and a meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Morocco this week likely won’t resolve differences or make Norway’s annual whale hunt any more appetizing on the world scene. Whaling […]

Whales adorn central station

It may seem ironic in a country that hunts whales, but the huge, graceful creatures of the sea are now being used to decorate Norway’s largest train station, and the exhibit is backed by animal protection groups. Called “Eye to Eye,” the life-size photographic portraits of whales are said to be the largest in the […]