Whales evaded a ‘risky’ hearing test

The first season of a Norwegian, American and Danish research project to test the hearing of whales has ended without any results. Not a single whale ventured into what amounted to controversial traps set up at sea just off Lofoten, but the researchers involved insist the project was successful. “Our main goal was to demonstrate […]

Whalers report better times

Norway’s controversial whaling industry suddenly has the wind in its sails, with rising demand that’s already resulted in a bigger harvest so far this season than in all of last year. That’s when the industry hit bottom. Many whalers predicted an end to their traditional annual whale hunt as sales slumped in recent years. Only […]

‘Shoot more whales’ despite low demand

The fisheries policy spokesman for Norway’s Progress Party, which holds political control of the state fisheries ministry, is calling for more whale- and seal hunting. Bengt Rune Strifeldt claims that Norway must harvest “the entire food chain in the seas,” even though a new survey shows a major decline in consumption of whale meat. “Strong international […]

Killer whale appears in Oslo’s harbour

Norway is known, and often criticized internationally, for its annual whale hunt. This week a killer whale seemed to be seeking refuge, with an unusual appearance in Oslo’s inner harbour. The Oslo fjord is far from the hunting grounds for the sperm whales that Norwegian whaling boats go after in waters off the northern coast. […]

Whale quota raised as hunt declines

Norway’s fisheries minister, Per Sandberg, has raised the quota for the country’s controversial whale hunt to a level that’s three times the size of last year’s total catch. He claims he’s simply trying to keep the hunt alive. “Norway has a viable whaling business, despite zero subsidy and that Japan is the only market outside […]

Hackers hit Norway over whale hunts

Norway has emerged as a top target of hackers and social activists known as “hacktivists.” The reason: Norwegian whaling, which now is making a wide range of both public- and private -ector Norwegian websites vulnerable to hacker attacks that already have all but shut them down. Security experts in Norway aren’t only worried about the […]

Whaling ‘stains’ Norway’s reputation

Norway launched its annual and still-controversial whaling season over the weekend, setting off a new wave of protests. A coalition of international whale protection organizations sent out the message that they “strongly condemn” the whale hunt, calling it “cruel.” “Norway is a modern nation but its whaling practices are cruel, irresponsible, unnecessary and frozen in […]

Norway’s whaling under new attack

Three international environmental and animal rights organizations have issued a new report claiming how Norway not only continues to promote its controversial whaling but also is making “systematic efforts” to weaken international whale management rules, to improve market conditions for its whalers. In doing so, claim the critics, one of the world’s “most modern and […]

Whaling comes under fire again

The Washington-based Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) has called on the Norwegian government to stop supporting research into alternative uses for whale meat and blubber, and to finally accept international bans on commercial whaling and trade. The call comes after the AWI cited concerns over contaminated whale products. “Norway is entirely too focused on making whaling profitable,” […]

Rescue operation tows whale out to sea

A large whale that surprisingly swam into the Oslo Fjord was found stranded in shallow water early Tuesday at Hvalsund on the islands of Hvaler outside Fredrikstad. “Hval” means whale in Norwegian, but the huge mammal was clearly out of its element. Local fisherman Jan Arill Nilsen first spotted the whale when he was out […]