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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Whales make a splash in Tromsø

Hungry whales have been making a splash in a fjord just outside the northern city of Tromsø, after they apparently followed a large stream of herring into the chilly waters. The whales have been putting on quite a show that was causing major traffic congestion as folks flocked to watch them.

For a country that still hunts whales in the late spring and summer, it was interesting to see how Norwegians seemed to appreciate the huge creatures, and remained as fascinated by them as whale watchers are all over the world. Police had to send out patrols to the road along the Kaldfjord, to clear up the congestion caused by motorists trying to track the whales and take photos.

For a spectacular photo taken for, and published by state broadcaster NRK, click here.

The whales started arriving in the area two weeks ago and they were still soaring out of the water and making massive bellyflops over the weekend. It’s not unusual to see whales off the northern coast of Norway at this time of year, as many swim south for the winter, but the close contact has been unusual indeed. The whales were expected to continue to feed on the herring for a while longer before heading back out to more open sea and continuing their journey. staff



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