‘Fjordman’ reveals identity

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36-year-old Peder Jensen has given an interview to Norwegian newspaper VG where he reveals that he is the man behind the “Fjordman” blog referenced repeatedly in the online manifesto of Oslo and Utøya attacks suspect Anders Behring Breivik.

After being identified by the police and subsequently questioned on Thursday afternoon, Jensen met reporters from VG at an Oslo café. He chose to use his real name after receiving advice from a lawyer, and has asked the media to leave him and his family alone. He also confirmed that he would never again use the pseudonym “Fjordman” because he does not “wish to be associated with Breivik and his horrible actions.”

“Fjordman” has been described by a follow as a “prophet” among the new right-wing extremists who admire his anti-Islamic views, contributing extensively to anti-Islamic websites and being quoted by many “anti-Jihad” blogs in the USA.

Exchanged emails with Breivik
Jensen told VG that he had “warned” his family in advance about shedding his anonymity, adding that “because of my own safety, I’m now going into hiding.” He had felt it was his “duty” to cooperate with the police investigation and decided to be interviewed under his real name because it “eventually would have emerged anyway, resulting in a media frenzy.” Jensen commented, “it is also a way for me to clear my name.”

The blogger disclosed that he had exchanged a number of emails with Breivik in 2009 and 2010. Breivik told Jensen that he was writing a book and asked if they could meet. Jensen turned down the offer “not because of his extreme views, but because he didn’t seem very interesting – like a vacuum cleaner salesman.” “‘Pie in the sky,’ I thought to myself when I re-read the emails,” Jensen added. He confirmed investigators had confiscated his computer, stressing that “they won’t find anything on my computer regarding any criminal matters or Breivik.” VG suggests that Jensen “feels that the police are looking to implicate him.”

In further excerpts of the interview reported by news agency NTB, Jensen said, “I recognize that people need a scapegoat, and now that Breivik is behind bars, I can become a handy scapegoat, especially because I am the only Norwegian he referenced.” He added that he understood that he could be regarded as “a hate object.”

described Jensen as “soft-spoken and unassuming” as he suggested he was “horrified” by Breivik’s apparent admiration of him. Jensen confirmed that he had not read Breivik’s manifesto in full and only “seen bits and pieces referred in the media,” and other sections shown to him “by others.” He suggests that Breivik had little influence in the right-wing, anti-Islamic movement in Norway or internationally, stating that Breivik “had nothing to contribute” and added that he had “never heard about the ‘riders,'” an organization of which Breivik claimed to be a member. On the question of whether Jensen regretted any of his writings, the blogger was reported by NTB as saying, “I have tried to think about whether there is anything I have expressed wrongly, but I have never experienced that anyone has attacked anyone else because of what I write.”

In terms of Jensen’s background, VG reports that he originally comes from the town of Ålesund on the west coast of Norway. He claims that while he has long voted for the Labour Party and voted for the Progress Party more recently, he has never been a part of a Norwegian political party, and has only handled a gun during military service, where he describes himself as “no good soldier.” He holds a masters degree in culture and technology from the University of Oslo, where he completed a dissertation on “censorship and blogging in Iran.” He also studied Arabic at the American University in Cairo and the University of Bergen.

Views and News from Norway/Aled-Dilwyn Fisher
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  • MBC

    Fjordman is not an extremist. What he writes is hard and uncomfortable to read, but it is not extreme. He has a clinical eye for the most uncomfortable aspects of contemporary Islam and its interface with contemporary culture in the west which he meticulously exposes without sentimentality or apology. He reveals the naivety of western politicians in their utter incomprehension of the most severe aspects of contemporary Islam now undergoing revival (Islamism).

    I am not surprised to learn he knows Arabic or has lived in Cairo as he writes with authority. He will have seen the Muslim Brotherhood up close, its leaders and followers.

    The MB is the foremost Islamist organisation in the world. Founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan Al Banna, its reach is global and it has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of members. It wants to create a global caliphate, but not through violence, but through infiltration of elite structures and governments. There are regional divisions of the MB. Hamas is the Palestinian MB. Whilst the MB now eschews violence, it supports violence in the exception of Hamas. Many critics think the MB’s stance merely tactical. It is clear that its membership is diverse and contains a range of views on this.

    In Cairo last week we saw violent demonstrations as MB members clashed with secular advocates of the Arab Spring. It looks possible (some would say, likely) that the MB will succeed in taking over Egypt, which is the foremost Islamic nation in the Middle East. If MB take over, they will of course link up with Hamas, and what will follow I dread to think. It will also give encouragement to MB organisations in neighbouring countries like Tunisia who are trying to advance to secular democracy, not regress to theocracy, as in Iran.

    People have to understand that Islam is a strange religion. Very, very different from other religions. Full of contrasts and oppositions. More so than other religions. Some of the most pious and compassionate people I have ever met have been Muslims. I have learned much about God from them. Their piety and love of God moves me deeply.

    But so too are some of the most severe and chilling individuals I have ever met and I have struggled hard all my life to reconcile the two. I didn’t know about Islamism when I first met these people in the Middle East in the 1970s, I just noticed they were very different from other Muslims. I called them ‘the heavy brigade’.

    But they have assumed a kind of ascendancy over the Muslim world since then. They are able to effect piety when it suits them, thus confusing some people, and fooling most.

    But not Fjordman.

    • 12345

      Well stated. Really cannot add more other than to say I’ve read quite a few of Mr. Jensen’s essays and found them to be extremely well-reasoned and researched. It will be interesting to see if they first came for the writer, or if reason will prevail.

  • TruthSayer

    Throw him and the rest of the Lot that Post this Garbage in Jail.
    There should be no Free Speech Protection in any Nation for Rhetoric
    Obviously Designed to INCITE Violence. There should be no protection for
    those that Incite. They should be held just as accountable for actions as
    those they Incite that commit them. Here in the States we have had over 1500
    Attacks since 1980 by folks associated with Views like Mr. Jensen. It is time
    to accept the Evil in our Midst, and take proper legal Actions to remove the Threat from our Societies.

    • inospeaknogingrich

      You scare me more than any blogger. Knee jerk.

      • Wow.

        I second that.

    • Erik

      See a psychiatrist asap.

    • Wow.

      What would you do if someone read what you posted here then went and killed this man? Should you be held accountable based on your intolerance?

  • Rob

    Just wondering what happens if people like Fjordman are right, what happens in the decades to come when our way of life is changed due to Islamic influences. All the freedoms which we take for granted in the west are not acceptable in most if not all muslim dominated countries, they don’t accept gay people, freedom of speach is curtailed, women can’t wander around in short skirts and tiny tops…I’m not saying it will happen, but it might.

    • Mohammad

      I’m Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim. I am not a terrorist.

      I want to ask you all Breivik sympathizers one question: what is it that you are afraid of exactly when it comes to Islam?

      your “way of life”??!! your “way of life” has never endured more than 10-20 years in a row.. just read your OWN history!!! recently you’re a democracy, before you were not.. sometimes you’re “conservative”, fundamentalist, burning people on sticks for not praying to the proper God and sometimes you’re liberal, accepting of gays, and pornography.. a few years ago you were ruthless colonialists and mass murderers now you’re “humanists” and “civilized” (some of you at least), lets not forget that you ARE STILL racists and pigots.. so don’t BS yourselves with this “way of life” crap you talk about.. Lets just wait and see what new way of life you will want to protect in 20 years from now..

      Another question.. when you say things like “Just wondering what happens if people like Fjordman are right, what happens in the decades to come when our way of life is changed due to Islamic influences.” … Ok.. so since being you dont agree to what Breivik did, what do YOU suggest? you have a growing Muslim population right in your backyard.. so how do YOU suggest to get rid of it? what is YOUR solution? your “FINAL solution”, wink…

      The truth is, in the USA, there is nothing that unites the people there other than the existence of an outside enemy. Read history and think a little bit about it. When was the USA without a “powerful and dangerous” enemy that could destroy their way of life? From the “savage Indians”, to the British, to the Mexicans, to the Nazis to the Communists, to the Drug dealers of south America and the enemy d’jour are Muslims.. there is always an enemy! there SHOULD always be an enemy.

      Some people, good people, believe this shit and get scared. To those people I say, be sensible. Don’t believe all what you hear about “the other”, whoever this other is (Jewish, Black, Native American, Chinese, Arab.. etc.) and make your own opinion by actually meeting these people and opening a dialogue with them.

      But some other people, bad people, who JUST HATE because they are haters (it wouldn’t make any difference who the enemy is) they just LIKE this stuff, just like Breivik and Fjordman. You find them in all cultures, races and nationalities. They are a minority so far. I stay away from these people.

  • MBC

    There are green shoots of democracy appearing all over the Arab-Muslim world. We’ve got to hope they push through, take root, and survive. But look what happenned in Iran. They rebelled against the Shah, the Left-wing secularists rebelled, they took the hits, risked their necks, did the hard work. Then what happenned?

    Suddenly the ‘heavy brigade’ appeared out of the woodwork, with their well organised traditional networks, ‘Islam is the solution’, quietly waiting in the shadows for the right moment, keeping low and out of trouble, and STOLE the revolution of the Left, replacing it with an oppressive right-wing theocracy. And neither the ballot box nor the bravery of all those young folks in the demonstrations after the fake elections in 2009 could overturn them. Not poor Neda Sultan,(29) shot dead, through the heart, for nothing, at a demonstration, igniting fury, amongst all decent Iranians, could remove them.

    Fjordman was working on the Iranian stuff, he saw all this.

    The same could happen in Egypt, the MB take over, link up with Hamas, and other Islamists in Tunisia and Algeria, and you could have a Sunni theocracy all over the Middle East. Turkey is moving in that direction already. The Camp David Accords will of course be broken, since an MB Egypt will not recognise the state of Israel. Hence the US will withdraw the economic aid it gives Egypt as part of that deal. Thus Egypt’s basket-case economy will collapse. Mayhem will ensue. Scary.

    Not saying it will, but you’ve got to think about it.

  • Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    I have never seen Fjordman advocate violence. There is much in his writings that suggest he counted on democracy as the solution to Europe’s issues.

    He is going to be legally pilloried in Norway for the fact that Breivik read his work and identified with it.

    Those who claim he is fascist must address the fact that no fascist movement ever shies away from violence. Yet Fjordman only framed his arguments in democratic terms and seemed to evince a complete hatred for Nazism.

    But Fjordman’s sin was to be speaking anything different from the Holy PC Muli-kulti claptrap that is forbidden to be debated or discussed in Norwegian politics even before the Breivik atrocity. You have the biggest demographic changes in Europe in 2000 years and it is forbidden to discuss the people who are coming and the terms under which they come.

    I am a big believer in immigration. I would not be alive were it not for US immigration but immigration must and should be on the terms of the host society. There is a reason no one relocates to Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea, people usually “vote with their feet” to find new opportunity.

    If Fjordman was advocating violence in secret while publicly mouthing democracy, then he was a despicable liar. Rather, I believe his computer will reveal him to be a passionate advocate whose writings were used by a broken soul to commit evil. Fjordman will be prosecuted for his heresy. Breivik did not just kill the children of Norway, his shots have injured Norwegian politics for years to come.