Most Norwegians hope Obama wins

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Fully eight out of 10 members of the Norwegian Parliament hope US President Barack Obama wins re-election next week, according to a survey conducted by Oslo newspaper Dagsavisen. That seems to reflect the mood of most Norwegians as well, in a country where the US Democratic Party would be considered conservative by Norwegians’ social democratic standards.

An overwhelming majority of members of the Norwegian Parliament hope US President Barack Obama will win re-election next week. PHOTO: Stortinget

Only 17 of the 108 Members of Parliament responding to Dagsavisen’s survey wanted Republican candidate Mitt Romney to win the US election on Tuesday. Two of the 17 were members of Norway’s Conservative Party (Høyre) and the rest were members of Norway’s most conservative party, the Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, Frp).

Even those two parties would be considered liberal in the US, because both largely embrace Norway’s social welfare system. Both are on the right side of Norwegian politics, however, hence the support for Romney.

The support for Obama was otherwise overwhelming, also among other relatively conservative parties such as the Christian Democrats in addition to the Conservatives. “Even though I like Romney better after he moved more towards the center, I’m skeptical to the Republicans’ sharp turn to the right,” aid MP Torbjørn Roe Isaksen of the Conservatives. His colleague André Oktay Dahl said he could never support the Republicans’ refusal to, in his opinion, grant homosexuals “the right to live a fully dignified life.”

Obama’s support broad-based
Support for Obama from other parties on the left and center of Norwegian politics was more predictable, with MP Marianne Aasen of the Labour Party claiming that Obama “has the best overall political program,” especially in regards to foreign policy and, not least, health care. She thinks the world will be “a safer place” with Obama in the White House and, like many other Europeans, she is skeptical about Romney’s grasp of foreign policy.

The Progress Party itself is divided, with its most conservative members like Christian Tybring-Gjedde favouring Romney, but not without doubts. “As a supporter of free trade, competition, low taxes, Israel and a strong military in the USA, the choice should ideologically be simple,” Tybring-Gjedde told Dagsavisen. “I must say I’m uncertain this year, though, but go weakly in the direction of Romney.”

Progress Party fellow Tord Lien also had doubts, but said he hopes that if Romney is elected, he’ll govern as he did while governor of the generally liberal state of Massachusetts, “as a liberal and center-oriented Republican.” Lien seemed reassured that voters in Massachusetts elected Romney twice.

MPs Kjetil Solvik-Olsen and Anders Anundsen, however, two of the most high-profile members of the Progress Party, favour Obama as do many other Norwegians. “The Democrats lie closer to the main thread of Norwegian politics,” historian Hallvard Notaker at the University of Oslo told Dagsavisen. Commentator Jan Arild Snoen simply thinks Republicans have a bad reputation in Norway.

“The support for Republican candidates in Norway has been low through many years of elections,” Snoen said. “It’s not strange that this also is reflected among their representatives in parliament.”

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  1. I will be very surprised if Mitt Romney does not win the presidency next month and win it big. Obama is largely seen as a failure over here, possibly even more so than Jimmy Carter, who is held up as poster boy for ineptitude. Norway lives by entitlements and the fear here is that the U.S. is heading in the same direction (45 million currently), and this is not a pleasant thought. Americans do not like the idea of becoming like Europe, with diminished vitality, as Obama seems bent. His regime is frequently called “Amateur Hour, 24/7.

    • I guess it all depends on which media outlet you watch Travis, to me it looks pretty much like an even split and a tough one to call, however I think Romney shot himself in the foot with his recent comments 47% won’t vote for me, binders full of women, he appears to be a bit of a twit, somewhat in the Bush Jr mould.

    • If Europe and it’s socialist model of helping each other out is so bad why is it that 10 socialist countries all rank happier than the US?

      Oh and fox news is not meant to be taken as a serious news source

  2. Both parties keep any third party from participating in the debates ever since Ross Perot scared them. I am disgusted with the republicrats and the democricans.

    Gary Johnson should have at least been heard to show just how similarly useless both of these candidates actually are.

    I put the smart money on the really, really white guy who wears the magic underwear with the Mormon ancestors from planet Kobol for the win.

  3. An American of Norwegian decent is not a Norwegian, nor does an American of Norwegian decent understand Norway or Norwegians. But it’s nice to see that the great unwashed in the US are prepared to vote in someone who on face value appears to be as big a tool as Bush was, what really blows my mind is that many blame Obama for the state the US is in when it was there guy that put it there in the first place. If I was a US citizen I would have voted for McCain in 08 but I doubt the US today would be in any better state with him at the helm, IMO the US is going down the crapper (through no fault of Obama) and will take at least a generation to sort out.

    Speaking of the media, about half the folks in the US are hell bent on believing everything the Fox news talking heads tell then, the “Lemming” affect in action, looks like you’re suffering from the same affliction Donny boy.

    • Obama said he would shut down middle east wars and begin bringing home troops as his first act as president. He has actually committed more troops than anyone and spent more on war than anyone. He had the power to do this despite what he inherited from Bush.

      Obama said he would have no lobbyists at all in his cabinet and regarding his appointments. He lied. Totally compromised by special interest. Nothing to do with Bush.

      Obama promised transparency during his administration but has done more to keep things secret and prosecute whistleblowers and reporters who reveal the truth concerning government corruption. Nothing to do with Bush.

      Obama passed NDAA and can now arrest anyone, without charge, without due process, no habeaus corpus, no access to an attorney or trial and detain you secretly indefinitely. This includes his ability to add anyone to his assassination kill list that can be killed without any formal due process to even prove if you are guilty of being a terrorist or threat to national security. Nothing to do with Bush.

      Obama is totally controlled by bankers, law firms, investment and capital firms and the Zionist lobby. Nothing to do with Bush.

      As is Romney. There really is not much difference.

      • sage all politicians lie, you’re n0t young you must have worked it out by now, I’m sure if Romney wins he’ll also not do everything he said he would do, it’s called electioneering.

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