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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Strawberry prices fall in the heat, but now the weather will cool off

Norwegians are loath to complain about sunshine and warmth, after craving it during the long, dark winters. The past week in southern Norway, however, has been just a bit too warm for some, and strawberry growers fuss that their berries are ripening much too quickly. Relief is in sight.

State meteorologists were predicting an end to the heat wave that’s been hovering over southern Norway. Temperatures that have soared well into the 30sC (90sF) were due to drop to the low 20s by Sunday, with rain in the forecast as well.

Few homes and apartments in Norway have air conditioning, and temperatures haven’t fallen much at night. That’s made it hard to sleep for many in the Oslo area, while business productivity has been affected. Some shops have closed, while some local governments have imposed watering restrictions.

Locally grown strawberries, a summer delicacy in Norway, are also flooding the markets because of the hot weather. Prices fell sharply this week, from more than NOK 40 a basket to NOK 25 (USD 3.90) in Oslo by Thursday. Growers feared the heat would make the berries smaller and the season shorter.Now, however, “the heat wave is over,” meteorologist Ingrid Bentzen told newspaper Dagsavisen. She said temperatures will fall considerably next week in eastern and southern Norway, and that it will rain.

The weather will change starting Sunday, with the Meterological Institute predicting temperatures in Oslo of around 23, falling to just below 20 through next week.

It will also be cooler i Western Norway, with afternoon showers, while it will stay mostly sunny in Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag through Sunday, with fog along the coast.

As it cools off in the south, it’s expected to warm up in the north, where snow was expected Saturday in parts of Eastern Finnmark. By next week, though, temperatures were due to hit 15C in Troms and Finnmark with the sun shining. The best weather was predicted for Nordland County, with mild temperatures and mostly sunny skies.

Forest fire warnings were to remain posted through early next week as a result of the heat and dry weather.



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