Oslo moose hunt underway

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Hikers and cyclists had best be a bit wary while wandering around in the hills and forests surround Oslo these days. The annual moose hunt is underway, with authorities granting permission to hunters to shoot 234 of the huge yet gracious animals.

The severed heads of two moose, left near a hiking trail during an earlier hunt. PHOTO: Morten Most

While hunting season for smaller animals runs all autumn, the moose hunt in Oslomarka runs only from October 5 to October 30. The quota is relatively small compared to the estimated 1,600 moose hunters with an Oslo address. Many, however, head out of town for hunting, especially to Hedmark and Oppland Counties. Last year, 188 moose were shot in Oslo’s forests, compared to 7,981 in Hedmark, reports newspaper Aften.

By Views and News staff