New effort to get justice for murdered student

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The father of a Norwegian student who was raped and murdered in London nearly two years ago is continuing his efforts to obtain justice for his daughter.

Odd Petter Magnussen attended a coroner’s inquest in London this week, held a press conference with the Scotland Yard inspector on the case and led a torchlit parade from the school attended by his daughter Martine to the building where her body was found.

The main suspect, a wealthy student from Yemen named Farouk Abdulhak, fled London the day after the murder and is believed to be hiding out in Yemen, which has no extradition treaty with either the UK or Norway.

The case has led to negotiations involving the foreign ministers of all three countries, and British police vowed they won’t give up their attempts to arrest Abdulhak.

Their investigation is formally over, but inspector Jessica Wadsworth told Norwegian reporters she and her colleagues will keep up efforts “to get him back to the UK.”

By Views and News staff